Is It the End of An Era for Some Indian Cricket Superstars?

  • As you are aware, a huge amount of interest, following, and patronage was seen during the recently concluded 50-over cricket World Cup hosted by the Board of Control for Cricket in India during the month of October-November 2023. Dispelling initial apprehensions, the World Cup turned out to be one of the most successfully organized events attracting an unbelievable fan following. Especially, when Team India started showcasing an intimidating brand of all-round cricket, several fence-sitters jumped into the fray not only supporting the host team but also thronging the stadiums in large numbers when other teams were involved. This development augurs well for the continuity of the 50-over format for sure. The ICC will not complain.


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  • Of course, the die-hard Indian cricket fans must have been deeply disappointed, sad, miserable, and feeling a sense of acute hollowness no sooner Team India was overwhelmed by the brilliance of Team Australia in the all-important finals. Mind you, it’s very hard to fathom knowing fully well how Team India was simply invincible in the initial nine league matches and the semifinal. Team India was strongly favored to win the finals, but destiny had willed otherwise. As you know, throughout the tournament, the captain Rohit Sharma was not only outstanding with his attacking batsmanship at the top of the innings but also on the button vis-à-vis tactical acumen, strategies, field placements, and bowling changes. Rohit was simply spot-on right through.
  • The players responded fantastically to the skipper who led the side from the front. Mind you, Rohit Sharma has three double-hundreds in ODIs, and he could have played a waiting game or held up one end right through the innings. Admirably, Rohit decided to eschew personal glory for the team’s cause by displaying a fearless approach while opening the batting. This move immensely helped the team to showcase an attacking brand that placed tremendous pressure on the opposition bowlers and fielders. Such an approach created a psychological dent in the opposition teams. Sadly, Team India could not cross the final hurdle as the familiar Australian never-say-die approach came to the fore when it mattered most.



  • The moot point to ponder over here is whether cricket fans have seen the last of some of the most illustrious cricketers in the format. It is unlikely that Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Mohammed Shami, Ravichandran Ashwin, and Ravindra Jadeja will don the blue color again in the next World Cup. Yes, there are enough promising cricketers in the pipeline to take on the mantle of the mentioned superstars who have toiled so much to take Indian cricket to where it is right now. Supremely gifted cricketers like Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma are once-in-a-generation players whose shoes will be difficult to fill. Nonetheless, the mantle must be passed on as Shubhman Gills, Shreyas Iyers, and KL Rahuls wait in the wings.

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