Imperative all of us Develop a Positive Mindset!

Positive Mindset
  • Since time immemorial, our ancestors from generations after generations have been propounding the virtues of developing a positive mindset to not only keep our spirits in the right manner but also cultivate the habit of staying optimistic despite encountering challenges. While we were growing up, how often this sentence was spoken with such regularity – mind over matter? This time-tested adage holds even now in the so-called modern-day technology-driven world. None would be disputing this fact since philosophers, evolved people, experts, professionals, successful businessmen/women, proven entrepreneurs, religious heads, teachers, various masters, and people from every walk of life would unequivocally vouch for this.

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  • Even before modern scientists took over to explain the scientific aspects of human existence and its intricate details, the ancient Indian philosophers/spiritualists had espoused the profound influence of the mind over everything else. The mind is primarily categorized as the conscious, the subconscious, the unconscious, and the superconscious. Ancient philosophers and various spiritual exponents have always lucidly explained how our minds function, establishing the relationship between the two important aspects of our living existence, the mind and the body. The correlation between the two has been well established for optimal performance in our chosen fields. Anyone not in sync means human beings are at a disadvantage in performing optimally.
  • However, it goes without saying that the majority of humans find it extremely challenging to conquer the wandering mind to realize true potential in our respective fields. Not for nothing it is said that the mind is like an unleashed animal that keeps running away without any direction. Binding the mind in one place is the most difficult of tasks but can be achieved through the process of meditation. Again, the Indians must feel extremely proud of the ancient wisdom passed on to us through innumerable luminaries over the millennium. It is proved beyond doubt the efficacy of meditation in not only keeping our mind in control but also the beneficial effects of the practice that goes a long way in keeping us clear-headed too while discharging responsibilities.


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  • When the mind is in our control, the emotions too can be controlled through cultivating positive thoughts even in the face of adversaries. Mind you, it is easier said than done but not something that cannot be achieved by strong willpower. One of the key factors to ensure the mindset always stays positive is to assiduously cultivate the habit of keeping the negatives at bay by following discipline. Nothing results in envisaged ways if we lack the desired level of discipline in whatever we do. Thus, the key to ensuring the mindset remains positive is to develop a disciplined approach to our daily life by incorporating time-tested characteristic traits. Remember, a defeatist mentality will not take us any far. Likewise, a positive mindset will enable us to realize stated objectives.