Have Bengaluru Inhabitants Taken the City for Granted?

  • The state capital of Karnataka, Bengaluru, was always considered as a pensioner’s paradise unflinchingly inviting millions of migrants in search of greener pastures to make this wonderful city their home. The locals who have settled in the city for generations would vouch that every 3-4 out of 10 citizens in the city will be from across the country significantly showcasing how Bengaluru attracts people. The cosmopolitan nature of the city, abundant availability of technical manpower, salubrious weather conditions, industry-friendly government extending every conceivable support to establish, more than adequate provisioning of basic amenities like power & water, and of course, genuinely friendly nature of the inhabitant of the city made it the most coveted capital to call home. Not for nothing, Bengaluru was anointed as the Silicon Valley of India.


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  • Not any longer. As you are aware, Bengaluru not only invited several Big Tech companies when the Information Technology boon captured the imagination of the entire world but also ensured India was at the forefront of this earth-shattering revolutionary invention. We know how the IT industry has become ubiquitous in the present-day world where anything and everything is digitized making our life so very comfortable. Bengaluru led the country in emerging as the most happening IT city in the country and beyond. The cosmopolitan nature of the city ensured millions of migrants from other parts of the country flocked here inundating the already constricted areas and resulting in unanticipated challenges in the bargain.
  • The inadequate infrastructure like proper motorable roads, lack of water, and traffic snarls on the back of the burgeoning population only added to the already growing misery for the citizens. The weak public transport system further exacerbated the misery of the commuters’ leaving lakhs of them exasperated. Despite successive governments initiating infrastructure strengthening measures like Metro Rail and some such projects, the unprecedented population growth has always rendered them inadequate. The green city has eventually turned into a garbage city since the growth initiatives have ensured more concrete structures are dotting the urban landscape where greenery used to be ubiquitous once. How fast things have changed in a matter of decades?

City for Granted

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  • This year, Bengaluru is witnessing unheard-of heat wave-like conditions alongside water woes. Mind you, not so long ago, the city was blessed with thousands of lakes as water was available in abundance. The rain used to be so regular that one could predict when it would drench the city. Many of us have personally experienced how Bengaluru hot in the morning would invariably witness rains in the evening. Unfortunately, the city has already received any rains last monsoon and consequently, is reeling under the hot sun with people scampering for potable water in many areas. Going by the look of things, all the stakeholders calling the city our very own, have let it down so badly that we are left to grapple and groan for even a basic amenity like water.

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