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  • Since times immemorial, the fascination surrounding the subject matter must have undergone tremendous churning from every classification of humanity relevant to that period. Every civilization emphasized the cultivation and production of food that itself would have consumed a considerable amount of time right from when humans started experimenting with the produce. Thus, agriculture emerged as the critical component for not only the survival of any civilization but also evolved over the millennium to be the backbone of every economy for progress/development as envisaged. Of course, the revolutionary introduction of modern technologies has immensely contributed to the advancement of agriculture sustaining humanity in the bargain.


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  • As modernity evolved, the need to produce varieties of agricultural products too underwent alterations in line with the changing times. Thus, what were rudimentary food practices in the earlier era/ages gradually evolved to the present-day vastly varied requirements suiting every palate. No wonder, one cannot be faulted for losing the way to comprehend so many dietary options available to humankind of late. You have vegetarians, non-vegetarians, vegans, keto exponents, and even more largely incomprehensible fad diet proponents too. Each of us can be safely labeled as a foodie for humanity’s craving for experimenting with a variety of palatable products is legendary. Yes, we need nutritious food to sustain living healthily, you see.
  • Nutrition and diet are one of the biggest revenue-generating verticals in any economy. As such, it comes as no surprise to see so many big business conglomerations focusing on the food industry. There is this age-old debate about what is good for human consumption, veg or non-veg. As reported recently, fish consumption has reached new heights making the fable lovers of all things fish go ga-ga over the news. In 2005-06, about 73cr Indians ate fish. By 2019-20, almost 24cr more are consuming fish – considered among the healthiest proteins. This was the finding of the recent “Fish Consumption in India: Patterns and Trends” study by WorldFish India in collaboration with the Indian Council of Agricultural Research and other govt and global bodies.


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  • Per reports, existing consumers of fish are eating more: per head, they’re consuming 12.3kg per year, up from 7.4kg in 2005-06. Of course, India’s average of 9kg per head is still nowhere near the world average per capita fish and seafood consumption of 20.5kg, but it is a health growth that’s expected to continue. Fish on the menu has the additional advantage of being a low-emission animal protein, farm to finger. The rise in demand is attributed to increasing income and availability. With farming, processing, and supply chains improving, availability in landlocked states in the country’s north has expanded exponentially. This augurs well for the fishing industry since more patrons are taking to this delicious delight with vengeance. Fish is good, go for it!

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