Cyber Security is Non-negotiable and Non-compromisable!

Cyber Security
  • The welcome advent of information technology-driven digitalization endeavors around the world has completely revolutionized the way governments handle administration aspects. Digitalization has become so ubiquitous with its awesome presence that none of the countries are willing to be left behind to explore by integrating almost infinitive opportunities provided by cutting-edge technology. The off-shoots of IT-driven inventions in the form of the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, and the most happening Artificial intelligence-driven initiatives have come as a big boon to the present-day world always looking to evolve. Generative AI has become such an important tool in the current times that several Big Techs alongside governments are itching to ride on the benefits it offers. Why not? Anything for the welfare of the people.


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  • As is the case with any new developments, inventions, innovations, and hitherto unheard-of factors, IT-driven initiatives too are not foolproof when it comes to offering solutions to the people. Where there are gullible people around, the crooks are lurking to pounce on them to fulfill their dubious requirements. Despite the governments establishing standard operating protocols for providing security, cybercrime perpetrated by anti-social elements is on the rise across the world. The number of cybercrime incidents perpetrated by criminals must be a great cause of concern for the government authorities. Since the entire government machinery relies on digital mediums for carrying out work, any breach in security would be a big headache.
  • As you must be aware, several incidents of big data breaches have been reported of late ensuring the cyber safety authorities are on their toes. The government authorities are being smarted by the cyber crooks in the absence of a strong data security structure in place. The recent big data breach that hit Tamil Nadu Police is another demonstration of weak data security infrastructure in the country. Hackers were not only able to access the department’s Facial Recognition Software portal – which contains more than 60 lakh records of individuals, including photos, names, FIR numbers, and details of police officers – but have also reportedly put the date on sale on the dark web.


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  • Given India’s huge population and growing digitization, govt departments are increasingly storing massive volumes of data. This is also precisely why India is a big target for cybercriminals. Over the last couple of years, there have been multiple data breaches, especially targeting the Indian healthcare sector. Last year, a server breach in ICMR compromised the personal information of about 81 crore Indians who had taken Covid vaccines. In 2022, a ransomware attack at AIIMS-Delhi crippled e-hospital services. Apart from potential harm to people whose data is being pilfered, there’s a clear national security risk here. China is a potential threat. Cybersecurity infra must be strengthened by adopting globally accepted measures, the only way to keep our defenses tight.