Come Summer Months, Water Scarcity Hits Major Cities!

  • It might sound too cliched to reiterate yet again how water is such a precious commodity that not only needs to be sustained for eternity but also a lifesaver without which humanity cannot endure for long. Since times immemorial, every worthwhile civilization has flourished and nourished wherever the water availability was abundant. History is replete with documented proofs of monumental civilizations mushrooming splendidly contributing to the development of humanity where life could sustain unhinged. Without the presence of water, humanity and in turn, those hallowed civilizations would not have left behind an indelible mark providing future generations with a substantial knowledge base to build on it.


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  • Now, it’s not rocket science to discern that any modernity-defined community must look forward to developments, innovations, inventions, and growth prospects in line with the fast-changing times. Note that every millennium, century, and decade has witnessed one form or another form of growth ushering in hitherto unheard-of changes, further giving a fillip to humankind’s quest for newer inventions. As we browse through history, every generation has witnessed revolutionary aspects making its presence felt on a perpetual basis thereby ensuring humanity unfolds the mystery of Mother Nature for the overall good. Nonetheless, whatever the progression, the reliance on nature’s most precious commodity water hasn’t changed one bit though.
  • While we bask in the glory brought about by tremendous developments on the back of unbelievable technological prowess in every field as well as other critical areas of economic activities, the stress being felt everywhere with the restricted availability of water is proving to be a modern-day nemesis for most urban centers. Unchecked developmental activities without scientific temperament for storing, charging, and increasing the water tables around the urban clusters have rendered these supposedly modern dwellings as mere concrete jungles. Of course, the environmental degradation caused by the rampant developments around the world has had a cascading effect in the form of erratic weather patterns too. It’s a double whammy indeed.


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  • What once used to be regular seasonal weather patterns like summer, spring, monsoons, and winter have sadly paved for recurrent unseasonal rains, floods, droughts, snow, and chilly spells. Several major urban centers are grappling to tide over the water crisis since the groundwater tables have depleted to alarming levels. Erstwhile water ponds, lakes, and natural storage facilities have simply vanished with the onslaught of unprecedented infrastructure developments. No wonder, hitherto comfortable urban centers with plentiful water availability too are showing signs of severe distress. Look at Bengaluru where water used to be available in great abundance once upon a time. Now, the situation is scary as water rationing is underway in several places.

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