Cheating in Exams is a Known Phenomenon! Needs to be Addressed Holistically!

  • Reminiscing would bring back those memories to each one of us while we were growing up and indulging ourselves in typical children-like revelry, mischief, fun, frolic, and entertainment with gay abandon. Especially, the school environment not only allowed us to foster great friendships with many of our peers but also helped us grow naturally by going through the natural process of childhood predicaments. Yes, we were not required to worry about sustaining livelihood as the hardworking parents strived to provide whatever best possible from their ends. Indeed, we had to encounter challenges of a diverse nature while growing up but thanks to our patronizing parents for making us immune from those. Safe to say most of us would have had a remarkable growing up.


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  • One of the most critical aspects of growing up as a child and in a school is the inevitable tests and examinations interspersed with study leaves to prepare ourselves for the big task. Trust me, if any of us mentioned that we loved writing exams/tests would be lying big-time. Most of us simply hated these exams and more so, when our parents insisted on shunning every leisure activity, including the much-loved sports. Loitering around with friends usually was so exciting that it was simply impossible to get thought processes to align with the parent’s diktat to prepare for the all-important exams. As you would recollect, cheating during examinations/tests was quite common but not as pronounced as it is now, and in every field. How things have changed over the years.
  • Yes, right from the teachers to parents to well-wishers to elders in the family were in unison denigrating the malpractice that would have taken a budding student nowhere. Or turn him/her into an anti-social element not acceptable to civilized society. Over the years, the methodologies of indulging in cheating or malpractice have undergone a great metamorphosis in line with the fast-changing modern-day world. Ingenious methods are a dime a dozen. More so, this abominable malice has taken deep roots in the competitive exams conducted by government institutes as well. In this context, a bill to prevent exam cheating that was cleared recently tackles the supply side. The key question is why there is a huge demand for cheating in the first place.


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  • Students who spend years preparing for government exams truly feel cheated when some fellow candidates cheat. Public Examinations (Prevention of Unfair Means) Act 2024 sets store on deterrence through harsh punishments. Offenses under this legislation are cognizable, non-bailable, and non-compoundable. In design, it’s on par with legislation dealing with grave crimes. Cheating in exams needs to be understood from both the demand and supply sides. Punishments are all aimed at collusions and disruptions that may facilitate cheating. That’s necessary but not sufficient. Rather than punish hardworking students, why not substantially improve quality employment opportunities for the deserving? Yes, cheating in any form is despicable.

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