Chandigarh Mayoral Election Turned Out to be Farcical!

Chandigarh Mayoral Election
  • The Indian citizens pride themselves on being a part of the largest democratic country in the world. Not only that, but we also feel proud about being a part of the system that allows the citizens to not only voice their opinions freely but also know fully well that there exist Constitutionally mandated rights that govern us without prejudice vis-à-vis class, caste, creed, religion, ethnicity, religion, and social standing per se. One of the Constitutional pillars is the judicial delivery system that always upholds the rights of the people who feel short-shifted. Most people deprived of justice seek to approach the hallowed portals of the Supreme Court as a last resort. This shows our belief in the justice delivery system that always stands to benefit the last man standing.

Chandigarh Mayoral Election


  • As you are aware, the political landscape in the country might provide us with fascinating insights as to how our leaders have shaped the narrative by embracing the labyrinthine caste conundrum as the most basic platform. Most of the political parties in the country are divided on caste lines with national as well as regional parties vying with each other to further consolidate the assiduously built vote banks. The communal versus secular narrative perpetually plays out that has polarized the country more prominently. One of the most common happenings witnessed among the political class is the way leaders shift parties as well as leave no stone unturned in ensuring they hold on to or grab power at any cost. There are many numbers of such instances.
  • Take for instance what transpired in Chandigarh’s mayoral election recently. It was nothing short of an anti-climax where the established electoral process was simply thrown out of the window. On AAP’s allegation of vote tampering by the presiding officer during the counting process of Chandigarh’s mayoral election, the Punjab & Haryana HC has given UT’s municipality and administration, in charge of conducting the mayoral poll, three weeks to respond. Unfortunately, by the Indian judiciary’s clock, that’s like an early date. AAP convener has held INDIA bloc would have won had 8 votes not been declared invalid. Losing parties raising a storm is routine, but widely shared doubts about any poll process are damaging.

Chandigarh Mayoral Election

PC: The Indian Express

  • Thus, given questions on the mayoral polls’ integrity, three weeks is perhaps too long a wait. The official recording of the counting process was surely done. That can be made available for perusal almost immediately. Worryingly, urban local bodies and even mayoral polls are turning contentious. Trust in India’s election process has been at the core of successful elections since 1951-52. Political parties are key stakeholders. Multiple CECs have time and again reiterated their business is maintaining trust. No system is foolproof – corrective measures are taken when malpractices come to light. This time should be no different. As such, the counting of 30 paper ballots took no time, settling the dispute should not take months.