Bit Tech is Always Evolving, AI is No Different!

  • It does not do any harm to reiterate that the only constant in life is change. Cliched as it might sound for most of us, there is no denying the fact that change alone is the one inalienable factor of life confronting us with great regularity. In the same vein, the changes being witnessed in the information-technology-driven modern world are not only unimaginable to comprehend by scratching the surface but also mind-blowing when some of the most cutting-edge applications are introduced. Of course, humanity is not complaining about the breathtaking innovations making a dynamic presence leaving us stunned and not knowing what to choose or leave out. However, most of these inventions are quite helpful in making our daily lives smoother.


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  • The world community has hugely benefited from some of the earth-shattering introductions over the last few decades. Digitalisation is the buzzword among the global community who are leaving no stone unturned in introducing the technology for the overall benefit of humanity. No wonder, the universe has leapfrogged in embracing the offerings with absolute glee helping humankind with hitherto unheard-of inventions. The giant stride in the fields of healthcare, education, space technology, defense, agriculture, and other critical sectors has had huge contributions from the IT-enabled support system. One of the most happening things around the IT world is the introduction of artificial intelligence which has already created a humongous wave all around.
  • As you are aware, shock cannot be a permanent state. Wherever you look around, AI has taken a firm foothold promising to revolutionise the entire gamut of our existence. As such, the world experienced a collective spasm after ChatGPT was launched in Nov 2022. And then it calmed down. Chatbot use is growing but fits of fear/ecstasy have ebbed. Now OpenAI has introduced Sora, a jumbo leap in text-to-video AI. Once again there are copious talks about how jobs are threatened, and what other opportunities might open. But its pitch is less mad, more meditative. Note that when the first televised presidential debate took place between Kennedy and Nixon in 1960, it was thought a dangerous trend. Today politics is so fully video-visual. Things have changed.


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  • Surely, you wouldn’t have it any other way. Fears about generative AI becoming a cheap way to spread disinformation and damage elections are valid. But neither fear nor blind optimism knows the future. As reported, 20 top tech companies have pledged at the Munich Security Conference to help prevent deceptive AI content from interfering with this year’s global elections. How they walk the talk and what governments do will be pivotal. It’s a double-edged sword like any useful invention. Yes, humans won’t get replaced by AI but humans using AI will. Sure, the impact will be big. Workflows will be affected end to end. But why shouldn’t our core capabilities come through once again? Therein lies our well-known human resilience coming to the fore.

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