Any Future Delimitation Exercise Should be Handled Tactfully and Sensitively!

  • People in the know with a passion for comprehending the political functioning in the country would nod in agreement that the matter is not only an extremely critical aspect for the nation’s solid forward march but also reinforces the democratic credentials that are the envy of the global community. We pride ourselves on being the largest democratic country in the world despite the system being chaotic at best of times. But thankfully, whatever the chaos, apprehensions, and far-from-ideal situations encountered in a democratic setup, the country always appears headed in the right direction vis-à-vis growth prospects.


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  • The Constitution holds paramount importance in deciding how the nation progresses. Of course, India is a vast nation with every region endowed with such diversity vis-à-vis culture, tradition, religion, language, ethnicity, and practices that these are rendered inalienable factors defining us. Yes, the most important aspect of a democratic setup is the conduct of fair and peaceful elections to ensure the Indian growth story doesn’t divulge from the stated objectives as defined in the Constitution. Now, India is widely acknowledged around the world for carrying out the gigantic task of electing representatives for the Parliament where hundreds of millions of eligible voters exercise their franchise.
  • This is a fascinating aspect garnering humongous interest from around the world. For the uninitiated, delimitation is an essential exercise for the conduct of an election meant to identify the eligible voters based on undertaking a census to include citizens. In a federal structure, where the Centre and states have a say in matters of administration as demarcated in the Constitution, the conflicts arising out from these quarters are sometimes to be considered valid and acted upon. As such, the recent Tamil Nadu assembly’s resolution against delimitation has no teeth – but it’s a strong signal.


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  • TN, as well as other southern states, want current ratios of LS seats across states to be maintained even when the LS seat count becomes bigger. Nonetheless, the BJP will say this is against the spirit of the principle that every vote has equal value, Southern parties will say since Indira Gandhi froze set apportionment to the 1971 census and since Vajyapee extended the freeze again, a repeat of the same strategy is no big deal. What this means is that if delimitation is to be done after 2026 after the long-delayed census happens, the Centre must have extensive, cordial, and creative dialogues with all stakeholders.
  • If the BJP comes back to power in LS elections this year, it must keep in mind that just because populous northern states are its strongholds, it can’t railroad south’s concerns. Each voter matters equally in a democracy. Ensuring a balance between regions is also crucial to avoid sub-national tensions from erupting. Thus, it will be wise for New Delhi to proceed with caution and transparency. A spirit of proportion, rather than a winner-takes-all mindset is needed for an enduring democracy,

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