7 Signs that indicate your relationship is falling apart

relationship is falling apart

Every person once in their lifetime fall in love, get into a relationship; which may be a good or a bad one. You are always given a chance to yourself and the other person in order to find the true soul mate. But, every relationship does not have a happy ending. Here is a list of 7 signs indicating that your relationship is falling apart:

Signs: Relationship Is Falling Apart

1. Things become consistently one-sided

This situation is considered as one of the major speed breakers of a love relationship. Things start going in an ugly manner when only one person takes the burden of all the responsibilities in order to please their significant partner. And their significant partner doesn’t bother much and is just complaining, throwing tantrums and refusing to listen all the time.

relationship is falling apart
2. You take your partner for granted

The fastest way to leave your partner is to take him/her for granted. You start assuming that your partner is just there to make your life easeful and you don’t bother and don’t even appreciate your partner; instead you disrespect him/her.


3. The blame game is on

A sense of understanding and togetherness among the two partners makes a good relationship. But when both of you start playing the blame game and prove your significant partner’s fault in everything; then it’s a clear cut sign of fading relationship.


4. The thought of them or their presence evokes negative vibes

Its a pretty extreme sign; but it can be easily seen in some of the relationships. When just thinking about your significant partner; it starts depressing you or erases the bright smile off your face; then it’s a sign of your relationship being falling apart.

relationship is falling apart
5. You stop caring

The fourth situation or the indication goes simultaneously with this one. When your significant partner’s presence does not give you warm and happy feelings; you start ignoring them and you don’t bother much to care about them. This is another clear indicator of your relationship being falling apart.


6. Disagreements escalate into arguments

Debates, disagreements and discussions are part and parcel of a healthy relationship. But when these disagreements start converting into arguments; this is the time you should hold your relationship tightly as it might fall apart.


7. Everything seems hard

When even the little-little things seem to be hard; whether it may be hard to communicate, hard to understand each other or even hard to stand for each other; then surely the things are going in the wrong direction. And all these cases may lead your relationship to an end.

relationship is falling apart
Apart from all these aforementioned signs; there seem to be some more indications relating to one’s relationship is falling apart. Even when you can’t get along and you are losing on to who you really are; may lead your relationship to an unwanted end!

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