7 Most Amazing Tree Tunnels Of The World!


The world’s most miraculous, romantic and amazing tree tunnels are made of beautiful and enchanting flowering trees. Trees are the longest-living organisms on our planet, and they are the ones who beautify our environment. And, also by providing color, shelter, and shade, they try to defend it. Seriously, there is nothing more enchanting than walking through a green tree lined pathway. And, when these tree branches bend over in order to form a natural tree tunnel, then the sensation becomes more romantic! Here is a list of 7 most miraculous and amazing tree tunnels of the world:

Most miraculous tree tunnels!

Tree tunnels1. Ginkgo Tree Tunnel, Japan!

Located in the outer garden of Meiji Shrine, Ginkgo Tree Tunnel is covered with Gingko Biloba trees. This tree tunnel provides a picturesque view to the visitors. And, the Japanese considers it as the ‘bearer of hope’, ‘the living fossil’ and ‘the survivor’.


Tree tunnels2. Cherry Blossom Tunnel, Germany!

Located in the German city of Bonn, Cherry Blossom Tunnel is a beautiful and serene street covered with the magnificent looking cherry blossom trees. Although there are several roads covered with such beautiful trees; but the most traveled road is the Heerstrabe.


Tree tunnels3. Wisteria Tunnel, Japan!

Located in the Kawachi Fuji Garden, Wisteria Tunnel of Japan is a stunning and miraculous flower walkway. The months of April and May are the most popular months to visit here.


Tree tunnels4. The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland!

Considered among one of the favourite location for wedding photographs, The Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland is a real gem. Even, many artists from around the world come here to paint it, making it a more wonderful and delightful place.


Tree tunnels5. Rua Goncalo de Carvalho, Brazil!

Rua Goncalo de Carvalho of Brazil is a beautiful green tree tunnel. More than 100 Rosewood or Tipuana trees shade the road here, making it more serene and peaceful place to look out for!



Tree tunnels6. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine!

Considered as one of the most romantic spots on the entire planet, Tunnel of Love in Ukraine is a truly wondrous piece of forests. It is situated in the train rail section, and provides a picturesque view to the passengers.



Tree tunnels7. Bamboo Path, Japan!

Running through one of the most beautiful and serene bamboo forest, the 500 meters long Bamboo Path of Japan is truly incredible. And, what adds more beauty to this place is the wind that creates a majestic sound in order to lure the visitors.


Even, the Autumn Tree Tunnel situated in Vermont, USA is simply astonishing and amazing tree tunnel. It also provides a picturesque view and a sense of serenity to its visitors.

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