7 Ways Of Staying Healthy When You Don’t Have Enough Time To Workout


After you get out of the school, college or such an office, where there was too much running around along with a lot of physical activities; your metabolism reduce due to a sudden dip in the body movement. But, especially for people who have desk jobs; their life changes drastically when they spend 9 hours of their day sitting in one place.

However, no one can ignore the fact that you work all through the day and the fatigue doesn’t leave you in a condition of working out every morning or evening. Almost all of us want to stay fit, but some can’t, due to some or the other reasons. So, if you don’t work out, then don’t worry; there are many different ways of staying fit as follows.

Don’t have enough time? 7 Ways Of staying healthy

Staying Healthy1. Take the stairs. Say no to elevators!

Stair climbing can have a significant and affirmative impact on your health. It’s a vigorous physical activity burning more calories per minute as compared to jogging. It improves the cardiovascular fitness, strengthens the musculoskeletal system, some cancers, obesity, reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes etc. and keeps the muscles toned.



Staying Healthy2. Say goodbye to fried & processed food

Fried as well as processed foods damages both your body and brain adversely. The body needs food which it can easily digest without blocking or clogging the body mechanism. The ill effects of fried foods are very obvious; you won’t have to hang around for a month to see it on your body! On the other hand, processed foods are dead food with calories; but almost no nutrients!


Staying Healthy3. Walk or use bicycle for going to work

Walking or cycling to work can undo the harm of long periods of sitting. It helps in reversing the harm caused to leg arteries during the hours which you spend sitting.




Staying Healthy4. Don’t drink your fruits. Eat them instead!

Eating the whole fruit tends to give more fiber and fewer calories as compared to drinking it. Eating fiber not only keeps you regular and prevents certain types of cancers; but it also helps fill you up, so you’re less likely to eat as many calories.



Staying Healthy5. Say hello to greens

Leafy green vegetables are known to have more nutrition per calorie than any other food items. Greens make up significant and rich source of Vitamins A, B, C, E, and K. It is also the right source of iron which makes the body resistant in doing the daily activities.



Staying Healthy6. Do some basic stretches every day

Stretching will lead to fewer aches, more confidence, better posture and a better outlook on life. So, after waking up every morning or after reaching home every evening, practice some basic stretches.




Staying Healthy7. Do not skip meals at any cost

Do you think it will help you lose weight? No, it won’t. On the contrary, your body begins to wonder why it’s not getting any food and it will then go into the starvation mode. And that leads to slower metabolism and hence, slower weight loss. So, remember and try to understand that there is a big difference between skipping meals and cutting calories.


Also, alcohol poisons one’s liver and depresses the nervous system. At the same time, caffeine puts stress and pressure on the adrenal glands and causes emotional fatigue. Therefore, alcohol and caffeine should also be avoided.

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