Understandably, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Reputation Would Have Taken a Beating with the Unexpected Lok Sabha Results, But Slightly!

  • The recently concluded Lok Sabha polls were projected as a straight fight between the Bharatiya Janata Party and the INDI alliance consisting of various opposition parties taking on the might of the former. Yes, the narrative being projected by the BJP and the media alike was the saffron party was way ahead of the opposition ranks and was clearly set to form the union government yet again with a majority. All the exit polls, media reports, expert viewpoints, and various narratives being bandied about by the stakeholders indicated that the BJP was on track to not only form the government on its own but also was poised to cross the magical figures of 400 plus seats in the alliance. However, this narration was consistently challenged by the INDI alliance leaders.

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  • We all know what eventually turned out to be a stunning turnaround as far as the BJP was concerned since the party failed to garner a majority of its own. Moreover, what must have stunned the BJP leadership was the way the Samajwadi Party returned with impressive seats in the most crucial Hindi heartland state of Uttar Pradesh. Some of the big names of the BJP failed to cross the finishing line must be rankling the party satraps no end. Even the Maharashtra and West Bengal returns were far from expectations, largely pulling down the BJP’s final tally of 240 seats. Remember, the BJP entered the Lok Sabha elections in the name of the most popular and charismatic Narendra Modi. Does the setback denote Modi’s magic is on the wane?
  • Let us dwelve deep to dissect what could be the countereffects of the BJP’s failure to cross the majority mark on its own. Several party candidates chosen to represent the NDA were unanimous in proclaiming that the battle was between Modi and the opposition candidates. A sitting MP from Karnataka proudly proclaimed that Modi is the face of the NDA in all the 543 constituencies. This proves that the BJP and in turn, the NDA were solely banking on the unquestionable charisma of the PM to win. Little wonder Modi was the star campaigner across the country clocking in an impressive number of rallies and roadshows seeking support for the candidates. The move obviously did not work as the result amply demonstrates.


  • Does it mean the popularity, acceptability, and influence of the PM is on the wane? Has the voter fatigue and anti-incumbency set in prompting the electorate to ignore the tall claims made by the NDA with Modi fronting right through the campaigning? Make no mistake, there are simply no leaders as tall in stature, popularity, charisma, and magnetic pull as embodied by Modi in the country. No other leader can even come closer to what the PM so effortlessly carries around. Yes, Modi’s reputation of single-handedly pulling along the entire NDA unscathed is proved wrong. Nonetheless, the BJP still emerged as the single largest party with 240 seats also denotes how Modi’s magic worked as well. Expect the astute leaders to reinvent in the coming months.

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