For How Long Naidu and Nitish Will be Playing Ball with the NDA?

  • Indian people quite invested in the political churnings would agree in unison that the best way to carry forward the nation’s growth prospects is to have a single largest party with a majority to boot. We have witnessed how coalition governments of yore not only stalled the growth of the nation through unreasonable demands of a major say in decision-making but also stubbornly refusing to accept ministries that were not crucial in the overall scheme of governance. Many a coalition government have collapsed due to sheer weight of irrational demands emanating from the increasingly impatient political partners. Indian people must be dreading the consequences of not blessing a single party with majority because of the unknown happenstances. Brace for it.

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  • Ambitions of the coalition partners often do not go with the strategies of the major partner. This is where the Common Minimum Programme (CMP) often help tide over the prospective hurdles to ensure the governance progresses on expected lines. The moot point to ponder over here is how often the CMP succeeds in allowing the administration to run its course without too much of an intervention. For one, the ideologies of the major party and the alliance parties must find a common ground. Further, those mutually acceptable programmes should find traction with the party leaders and cadre on the ground too. Yes, pre poll alliances is much better than post poll but it cannot guarantee wholehearted support from the ground and forever.
  • The NDA will be forming the next government when you read this article. The two major NDA partners Chandrababu Naidu of Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and Nitish Kumar of Janata Dal (United) have pledged complete support to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in leading the alliance and the government. However, there remains no doubt whatsoever that the two wily leaders will be claiming their pound of flesh in the coming days. Not only will they be expecting major portfolios but also would be posing irritants vis-à-vis introduction of reforms/strategies of the major party to ensure the administration is anything but smooth. The clash of ideologies is bound to crop up, and this is where the political/administrative acumen of Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be tested.

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  • We are aware of how Modi is not used to navigate a coalition government ever since he first became a Chief Minister and now the Prime Minister. Used to command an absolute majority for the last two terms of Parliament, the coalition government that he will be heading would pose challenges as the term progresses. Trust me, Naidu and Nitish will be not settling anything less than a special status to their respective states apart from prime ministries. Especially Andhra Pradesh which does not have a capital of its own yet. The coming days will see a lot of pulls and pressures emanating from the seasoned politician to extract maximum out of the Union Government. Nitish too would be keen to extract considerable mileage for Bihar. Familiar coalition tantrums will be on offer. When and how will be revealed in due course of time.