Role of Half Cooked Experts in Our Country, You Cannot Ignore Them!(pun Intended)

  • All of us would have come across so-called experts during our lifetimes in one or the other forms. Such experts could be anyone known to us either through relationships, friendships, acquaintances, common friends, or just a neighbor. Each one of them would be more than willing to share their range of expertise or pass on comments on matters ranging from mundane to burning topic of the day to beyond comprehension for ordinary mortals and intellectually challenged persons like you and me.

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  • Nonetheless, experts will be forthright in enlightening us with authentic information – whatever it means – sometimes coming straight from the horses’ mouth itself. On many occasions, you would have tried desperately to avoid/veer away from certain conversations by subtle and not so subtle indications to change the topic to maintain basic courtesy as also civility. But lo and behold! The expert would not only not grasp our disinclination to continue conversing but blissfully unaware of the growing impatience as well.
  • By now, I am pretty sure many would be recollecting and/or reminiscing such past experiences that more often than not leads to embarrassing situations subconsciously relegating such a person to not so exalted position in our logical list of hierarchy. Trust me, many of us would have avoided getting on with more profound conversations with such individuals either by avoiding them altogether or suddenly remembering important errands after a brief exchange of pleasantries that cannot wait for a second longer.

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  • However, on days where few of us would feel receptive to brush on our knowledge on some mundane topic, we might encourage ‘experts’ to berate us with the latest information accompanied by facts, figures, and statistics. No sooner you realize nothing new forthcoming, your instinct takes over to beat a hasty retreat in a flash. Our country is blessed with countless experts in two particular fields of interest. Any guesses? Cricket and now COVID-19. I am sure more than half of our 1.3 billion-plus population would be experts in these two topics.
  • More than the cricketers themselves or for that matter ex-cricketers turned commentators, professional experts, analysts, statisticians, and similar such specialists, our so-called experts will have something unique and new to share vis-à-vis the nuances, nitty-gritty, subtleties, playing eleven, present form of the players, who should be dropped/added, etc. Many of these experts will also unabashedly proclaim to possess longevity and expertise akin to Sachin Tendulkar’s long glorious innings in the international cricketing arena.

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  • Similarly, the experts on COVID-19 are ruling the roost who might be of great help than even the epidemiologists, healthcare professionals, experts on the field of virology, health and family welfare experts, responsible ministers, or for that matter the government itself. Not for them the unexciting matters like social distancing norms, health, and safety guidelines as they are beyond discussing such irrelevant issues. These experts will be itching to share valuable inputs about no less than vaccine developments and related information on the same with absolute surety. Try striking conversation and you will realize very soon the depth of information.
  • What would you do when encountering such experts? Choose wisely is sage advice. I, personally would feign an important errand to cut the conversation and briskly walk away!



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