How Important is Attitude in Shaping up the Us! Absolutely Everything I Say!

  • We have heard enough about many intangible assertions like luck/no luck, opportunities, circumstances, situations, the family of birth, difficulties, challenges, hardships, help/no help, kind/unkind karma, blame game, destiny, universe conspiring, advantage, disadvantage, merit/demerit, denial/acceptance, fair/unfair and many such life-altering experiences shaping us into becoming in whatever forms or ways or means we might end up ultimately.

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  • Each uniquely gifted individuals would have surely adopted one or other such intangibles to define our existence in a world that offers possibilities and potentialities hard to describe in mere simple words. Since times immemorial, many admirable and well-known profound thinkers and explorers have undertaken extensive research spending lifetime finding that one elusive answer as to how the universe functions balancing infinitely diverse functionalities.
  • As mentioned above, many of us may rue the fact that life has been anything but fair to us despite leaving no stone unturned in whatever endeavor accepted or chosen to move ahead. Why some seemingly successful individuals appear to be having everything on a platter without perspiring or undergoing hard grind or the required miles as compared to others whose struggles never cease? Does it mean life treats everyone, not on an even keel?

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  • Is it that different yardsticks embraced for dissimilar individuals mean the universe indeed conspires against some by favoring others? Despite all-out efforts, unflinching perseverance, single-minded devotion, and uncluttered commitment why few fail miserably to make grades to be categorized as successful in the eyes of the commonly accepted societal norms as compared to ‘lucky’ few who have all its takes to be classified as ‘prosperous’?. Is it metaphorical or is it simply plain luck as many of us believe?
  • Why such palpable disparity exists then when each one of us is born on equal terms albeit the corresponding path chosen might differ looked from the eyes of the beholder? In my humble view, what separates an individual from another is the single most important life-defining component namely ‘Attitude’. If one possesses the right attitude, rest assured, he or she is bound to progress in the right manner and to the determined destination one so passionately wishes.

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  • What is the right attitude then? Positive outlook towards life, keeping negativity at bay by overcoming the urge to see unwanted, controlling mind, unwavering belief in one’s abilities, backing self with unerring regularity, learning from mistakes rather than sulk and despair, enjoying the process of the journey to achieve instead of constantly thinking the destination in itself is some such virtues among several that defines right attitude, in my humble opinion.
  • Likewise, lack of right attitude completely contrarian to the above would pull down any and every effort of individuals certainly leaving them bitter and cursing the fate, whatever it is, no end. As such, possessing, nurturing, and following a positive attitude will inevitably lead us on the right path without taking recourse to many of the intangibles defined at the start. Wish to reiterate that ‘mind over matter’ indeed should be practiced come what may!


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