Vendetta Politics or is It High-Handedness, One and the Same!

  • The financial capital of India is hogging the headlines for all the wrong reasons right from the time the pandemic made its presence felt to the ongoing investigations into the movie star’s untimely death to the unfolding spat between the ruling dispensation and a boisterous/aggressive actress known for her scathing retorts and unabashed name-calling. Rising infection rates are indeed a matter of concern so is the rising temperature between the protagonists involved for/against the manner of probe underway in the alleged suicide case as well.



  • The division invisible within the Bollywood film industry that functioned so opaquely not so long ago is quite transparent and apparent now with the lining up of many players for and against the way investigation is headed. The CBI probe into the death of the actor that was necessitated by the intervention of the Honourable Supreme Court has branched out into exploring the rampant usage of drugs and other banned substances abuse involving the late actor’s girlfriend and her family alongside few peddlers.
  • As the intriguing drama unravels revealing hitherto unknown connections, alliances, underhand dealings, unholy nexuses, and unauthenticated sources branding newer conspiracy theories on an unprecedented scale, the political parties who are never far away from fishing in the troubled waters are instantly at it without waiting for the second invitation. The fast-developing saga involving all the ingredients of a pot-boiler has reached an uncertain stage which is shaping into nothing but farcical.

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  • Relentless media coverage of the late actor’s probe resembles no less than a trial and appears to convey an impression about the indictment of the girlfriend even before the entrusted agency moves ahead with the investigations as mandated. Here too, the division amongst the media houses is well demarcated extending support and opposing solely based on perceptions/pieces of evidence known only to them but lacking concrete substance to withstand the laws of the land.
  • Likewise, the feisty actress with her unremitting exhortations naming and shaming one of the ruling dispensation party supremo’ and his family has resulted in a no-holds-barred slugfest culminating in the former’s office cum residence getting demolished citing illegal construction as the reason. The party-controlled corporation went about demolishing the instant illegal structure with such alacrity that the political high-handedness is not only apparent but also highlights brazen disregard for the sanctity of law.

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  • In both the cases mentioned above, the methodology adapted smacks of despicable witch-hunting, vendetta politics casting away every tenet of civility, muscle-flexing, bullying, intimidation, vilification, and blatant misuse of administrative power to subjugate the individual’s even before the rule of the law pronounces fair judgment. Lawlessness and imperiousness do appear to go together in the instant cases that should be curtailed forthwith. The Courts are the last resort and should be the adjudicator, no one else.

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