Political Alignment and Realignment on the National Firmament are Underway!

  • By now, the entire Indian citizens would be exposed to the clever machinations of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s election machinery that shows no signs of slowing down. The BJP’s election machinery chugs along relentlessly irrespective of eventual results speaks volumes about the single-minded focus the saffron brigade places on electoral outcomes.  Most importantly, it takes successes and failures with equanimity in strategizing further moves, maneuvers, and critical assessments to surge ahead.  Mind you, the BJP’s electoral fortunes in a few states have not seen much success despite placing tremendous emphasis on winning at the hustings.  A case in point is Delhi, West Bengal, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu, just to name a few.

PC: Gyanendra Kumar Shukla

  • Strong regional leaders like Arvind Kejriwal, Mamata Banerjee, Pinarayi Vijayan, and MK Stalin led their respective parties successfully thwarting the BJP’s challenges during the legislative assembly elections in these states. However, the BJP’s success in the Hindi heartland remains intact which allows it to wield considerable maneuverability in taking on the opposition parties.  Of course, the infamous Operation Lotus – a moniker used to denote breakaway factions led by disgruntled MLAs allowing the BJP to come to power –  has also allowed the BJP to topple duly elected state governments.  Look not far from Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Goa, now.  Operation Lotus has had a defining role in BJP assuming power even though not blessed with a clear majority during the elections.
  • Looking at the emerging political scenario, efforts are afoot by some of the national and regional leaders to form non-BJP and non-Congress fronts at the national level apparently before the general elections of 2024. Notable among the opposition leaders attempting to forge ahead on the same is none other than Nitish Kumar of JD(U) and K Chandrashekhar Rao of TRS representing Bihar and Telangana, respectively.  How far their efforts will yield desired results is unknown as yet.  Moreover, one cannot discount the Grand Old Party as well for Congress still continues to enjoy a considerable presence in several states even though it is rendered weaker of late.  The ongoing Bharat Jodo Yatra will not add much to the floundering fortunes of Congress for sure.

PC: Louis Thomas

  • The moot point to ponder over here is how these diverse and disparate leaders would join hands to take on the might of the BJP led by the indomitable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Prima facie it appears whatever efforts to forge fronts will directly or indirectly benefit the BJP as some of the national parties are directly in a fight in a few of the states as well.  We all saw what happened in the last general elections in Uttar Pradesh when SP and BSP came together against BJP but failed miserably to dent the saffron party from sweeping the polls.  From all accounts, the BJP looks well positioned to win the 2024 elections through a combination of reforms, optics, cleaver strategies, caste combinations, and the persona of its main mascot, Narendra Modi.

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