North Texas Residents Haunted By Creepy Clown: Several Incidences Reported On Creepy Clown In Dallas

creepy clown in dallas

creepy clown in dallasIt seems the urban legends of creepy clown are becoming reality in North Texas. Recently, there have been many incidences reported where people have seen some creepy clown roaming on the streets of Dallas. The creepy clown in Dallas is triggering fear in the residents, especially the children and their parents. According to a report by Fox 4, Fort Worth police investigated one report of a suspicious person dressed as a clown running down a sidewalk yelling Sunday night. Responding officers didn’t find anything.

Creepy clown in Dallas: Truth or fake?

Though people are scared of creepy clown in Dallas; however, it is still not confirmed whether this report is true or not. Dallas ISD confirmed it is currently investigating threats against various campuses, including Grady Spruce, Carter, Madison and Skyline high schools.

creepy clown in dallasFox 4 also informed that a Grady Spruce student contacted them and claimed to have seen a clown in the parking lot tying balloons on cars. Besides this, some parents who showed up to pick up their children said, got an automated call from the district about the threat.

Several schools were locked down in the state; however Police Chief Miller confirmed that it is not the result of creepy clown in Dallas. According to him, there were routine drug dog checks scheduled for Monday morning. Miller also said he thinks some of the photos being shared on social media did not originate in Dallas. The threat of creepy clown in Dallas is also being investigated on social media.

The reports of creepy clown in Dallas have been popping up all over the state as well as in the country since August. However, most of these reports end up being fabricated stories that ultimately prompt a real police response. One of such fabricated story of creepy clown was reported by a woman in Ohio she made up a story of being attacked by a clown because she was late for work Sunday. Unfortunately, this story landed her in trouble as Cincinnati suburb police charged her with making a false report.

Source: Fox 4

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