Rest In Peace, Nancy Reagan Passes Away

Nancy Reagan

Nancy ReaganThis may come as a surprise to you, Nancy Reagan who happens to be one of the most influential and high-profile ladies of the 20th century has died. She was 94 years old when she passed away. The cause of her death was congestive heart failure.

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library which is located in Simi Valley, situated in California is the place she would be getting buried. Nancy Reagan would be buried next to her husband Ronald Wilson Reagan who passed away on 5th June, 2004.


Nancy Reagan Passes Away

Nancy Reagan

It was also reported that before the funeral service, there would be an opportunity for members of the public to pay their homage at the library.

Ken Duberstein, former Ronald Reagan chief of staff said that it is a very sad day. Every time she was in the room, he (Ronald Reagan) was better and every time he was in the room she (Nancy Reagan) was better. She brought a sense of class and dignity and elegance which everybody admired.

Her step-son Michael Reagan posted that she is once again with the man she loved. God bless, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama said that they remain grateful for Nancy Reagan’s life, they thanked her for her guidance and prayerful that she and her beloved husband are together once again.

Nancy Reagan

Nancy Reagan was born in New York city, her mother Edith, a stage actress married Dr. Loyal Davis, a neurosurgeon when she was six years old. Davis had adopted Nancy and she grew up in Chicago. She later attended Smith College situated in Massachusetts, where she majored in theatre.

In early 1950s, Reagan was an actress when she had met Ronald Reagan who was then an actor and the president of the Screen Actors Guild.

Well, one thing is for sure that Nancy Reagan has created a legacy which is difficult to match. We hope she rests in peace with her beloved husband, Ronald Reagan.

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