Fandom, Stardom, Celebrity Status, Sense of Entitlement, and Gory Death!

  • The razzmatazz, scale of the canvas, larger-than-life depictions, make-believe world, mad fan following, and the accompanying affluence is a heady mix of concoctions that may make some of the personalities associated with the entertainment industry start believing that they cannot be associated with mere mortals. The celebrity status accorded to film personalities who gain huge popularity on the back of outstanding box-office collections over a period and the immense adulation from people besotted with them is quite a common phenomenon in the Indian film industry. Little wonder that a sense of entitlement pervades some of the iconic stars basking in the false glory magnified by unprecedented stardom. Is it sustainable in the long run? Let’s delve.


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  • The moot point to ponder over here is whether the reel heroes subconsciously start believing themselves to be real heroes. Looks like this particular syndrome is afflicting several renowned personalities and celebrities soaking in the adulation emanating from various quarters. The entertainment industry in the country is a huge money-spinning market alongside cricket is stating the obvious. Film stars and cricketers are some of the most admired lot in the Indian context receiving tremendous attention, traction, adulation, and admiration from the people. However, several incidents of arrogant and condescending behavior from celebrities are on the rise. Yes, privacy becoming the biggest casualty for these celebrities is undeniable.
  • Nonetheless, the fans are the sole reason for placing these celebrities on the pedestal, which is also a fact that cannot be simply overlooked. But for the fans where and how the celebrities would be elevated to such levels. Mind you, remaining rooted to the ground becomes imperative since the limelight might shift as quickly as it fell on them in no time. As such, developing an attitude of gratitude towards fans, showing humbleness, respectful disposition, gentle demeanor, and caring behavior towards adoring admirers will only make renowned personalities dearer. On the other hand, egotistic, disdainful, and going around with an air of authority while dealing with the adoring fan following will result in negative publicity that may harm the growth of such personalities.


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  • Also, the inalienable influence of social media platforms has added an entirely new dynamic to the fandom of late. The troll gangs pervading social media platforms are increasingly proving to be a menace leading to some of the most despicable comments. The pressure to stay relevant among fans also pushes celebrities and entertainment personalities to remain quite active on social media platforms. We have recently witnessed how a superstar is allegedly involved in the killing of a fan for posting derogatory comments/trolling/commenting/influencing. Of course, no one is above the law and the law will take its course. Sadly, giving into that sense of entitlement will land anybody in a big pit. Always staying grounded immensely helps.