Why Do Bangaloreans Dread the Monsoon Season So Much?

  • Under ideal situations and circumstances, the very mentioning of monsoon rains floods one with pleasant visuals of splattering droplets, overcast skies, extremely pleasant weather conditions, and an overall exuberant mood prevalent everywhere in anticipation of much-needed relief from the preceding scorching summer months. As you are aware, our country is greatly dependent on monsoon rains, especially the southwest monsoon so crucial for the agriculture sector that still dominates the landscape. Mind you, irrigation can sustain only if a good amount of rain is blessed on us by mother nature.


  • No wonder, the governments as well as policymakers always pray vehemently for the monsoon to be normal. Less than normal rainfall is bound to create many economic challenges for the administrators leading to a cascading effect on day-to-day living itself.  Needless to mention, monsoon rains are always looked upon as no less than an elixir of life.  As you are aware, the Indian landscape is so vast, diverse, vibrant, and spread across the length and breadth of the country that weather patterns too vary from one region to another.  Usually, summers are hot, followed by the monsoon, and then winter months of cold.  And the cycle repeats.
  • Most of us look forward to the pleasant months of monsoon and winter season which provide us with an escape route from the sweltering summer months. Now, southern India, and in particular, Bangalore sorry read it as Bengaluru in Karnataka is known for its salubrious weather, as the enjoyable moderate atmosphere prevails almost right through the year. Not for nothing, Bengaluru is monikered as the pensioner’s paradise where citizens across the country choose the city to live post-retirement. Now, with the advent of modernity and its accompanying pits and falls engulfing the city disproportionately over the last couple of decades, the everyday commuting experience alone has become painful and least of the pleasant experiences.

PC: Sarah Cruz

  • Daily commuters will vouch that it is not only excruciating but also fraught with dangers to life and limbs. People calling Bengaluru their home have witnessed tremendous growth all around on the back of a mushrooming information technology industry as well as other industries too.  Every worthy global software company of repute and from other equally important sectors has ensured its presence in the city and many more make a beeline to establish one on a perpetual basis.  This is no exaggeration as the statistics substantiate the claim.  However, the inadequacy of basic amenities like proper commutable roads is proving to be a great hindrance.
  • With so much riding on the capital of Karnataka, where 70% of the state revenue is generated in Bengaluru alone, it simply defies logic as to why the government repeatedly fails to ensure the provisioning of proper roads.  Forget dreaming about world-class roads, the lack of safe commuting roads is leading to frustration and intemperate behavior amongst the majority of the citizens.  Apart from the pothole-filled roads dotting every stretch, commuters must also grapple with perennial traffic bottlenecks at most of the critical roads and junctions.  And when it rains, all hell will break loose placing the commuters at the mercy of the elements as the non-existing roads turn into death traps.  No wonder, citizens of Bengaluru dread the monsoon rains even if they wish to soak in the out-of-the-world experience.  Will the administrators do something here? Hope so.