Valentines Day Approaching: Know the Different Colors of Roses and Their Meanings


We all want to express our love to our loved ones and we always try to make that someone feel special. Roses are the best option to show your love and concern. But roses also come in different colors; each one with a beautiful meaning. With a rose you can convey your emotions without using any words. Here are seven such roses that you can dedicate on this Valentines Day or any other special day/s to your loved ones:

  1. Red RoseValentines Day

Red roses are the symbol of true love and passion. It is a way to say that you really love from your heart. In simple words, a red rose is the way to say “I Love You” to someone and show them your concern for him/her. It also conveys thoughts of courage and congratulations. You can select nice and bright red roses on this Valentines Day to send or to give it to someone special.


  1. White RoseValentines Day

White roses are the symbol for purity, charm and innocence. It is the oldest variety of roses; often referred as “Rose Alba”. White roses are liked by many civilizations; whether ancient or modern. White roses indicate loyalty towards someone and it is the sweet gesture to show that you will never break someone’s trust and will be by their side till the end.


  1. Yellow RoseValentines Day

Yellow rose is the traditional meaning of friendship, care and happiness. It simply indicates brightness, cheerful  atmosphere and joy in the life of anyone. In the beginning of your relationship, if you want to show that you have developed a feeling for someone, then yellow rose is the perfect choice. The roses create warm feelings and happiness among people. In most of the culture the roses are simply meant for friendship and happiness. However, in the German culture, the roses symbolize infidelity and dying love.


  1. Pink RoseValentines Day

Pink roses symbolize elegance, romance, admiration, happiness, sweetness and even a thank you. These roses are also meant for showing joy and gratitude. Pink roses come in many different variations. Each of these shades has slightly different meaning.  For example, palest pink is the sign of gentleness, joy and grace. The variation from light to medium pink indicates sympathy or admiration.


  1. Orange RoseValentines Day

Orange roses symbolize energy, enthusiasm, desire and excitement. So, in a way, they also exhibit your passionate romance and your enthusiasm for your loved ones.



  1. Coral RoseValentines Day

Coral roses are just the dusky, subtle orange roses and have the meaning similar to the orange rose. It can be a perfect “Thank You” gift that speaks of desire.




  1. Lavender RoseValentines Day

Lavender roses symbolize ‘Love at first sight’ or even ‘I Love you’. It might be a way to grow your relationship stronger and offer your love and concern for them. If someone gives you a lavender rose, it means that the person has fallen in love with you at first sight. A lavender rose reminds us of the Cinderella’s Prince Charming. As purple is a royal color, if you give someone this rose; then it means that you have found him/her majestic, opulent and special. It might be your voice to your deepest love.

If you are falling for someone or you like someone truly, then these set of roses might help you show your love and care to them on this Valentines Day or on a special day. Offer these roses and make them feel the same way, like you are feeling for them.

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