Union Education Ministry’s Guidelines for Coaching Centres are Just Band-aid Measures!

Coaching Centres
  • As you are aware, any country aspiring to become one of the most recognized, advanced, and developed countries in the world would lay tremendous emphasis on improving the education infrastructure by pumping in desired funds as well as ushering in required reforms. We know that today’s children are the future flagbearers expected to carry forward the country’s legacy and growth per the stated objectives. Any landmark measures initiated now should be not only well-thought-out vis-à-vis long-term benefits/advantages but also lay a solid foundation for future generations to build on without having to worry about the potential challenges. Thus, any government must make concerted efforts to strengthen the education sector. No questions asked.

Coaching Centres

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  • How does the Indian education sector – especially the primary, secondary, and tertiary – fare in terms of extending every possible infrastructural support to spruce up this crucial segment of society? Let’s delve deep to comprehend the same. We know the Indian education system is dominated by the public and the private sector with the latter enjoying a formidable reputation through improved revenue generation enabling them to invest proportionately on relevant topics and infrastructure. The same cannot be said about the public-school infrastructure which continues to struggle as compared to the private sector in the country. No wonder, there are an infinite number of coaching institutes to supplement the inadequacy of public schools.
  • We also know how the coaching institutes have mushroomed around the country offering pedagogy to those who feel additional support is essential to press ahead with the learnings. And there are several pitfalls associated with the coaching institutes as well. As such, the union education ministry issuing guidelines to regulate coaching centres will be seen as corrective but taken together, they’re simply band-aids. Here’s why. By existing rules, the difference between coaching institutes and schools is the absence of counseling, sports, or creative activities in the latter. New guidelines say coaching centers must organize classes for co-curricular activities for holistic development, mental well-being, etc. Where is the differentiator from a school then?

Coaching Centres

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  • Further, where are the measures towards removing the coaching culture altogether? NEP speaks of reform in entrance exam systems to eliminate the need for coaching classes. For that, several exams must be slashed. More fair and reasonably priced colleges are needed, especially government institutes, and scholarship-based, not loans-led fee systems in private colleges. The government must know its pan-India online CUET has spawned more coaching centers. Yes, coaching centers were once instrumental in helping students from non-privileged backgrounds crack entrance tests across strata. All entrance exams have coaching institutes as feeder agencies. The bottom line is that public schools must improve at par with private sector schools. Period.