Exposed: 100,000 Years Old Mega Iceberg That Sunk The Titanic


The monstrous mega iceberg which was responsible for the titanic tragic sinking is finally exposed. Scientist believe that the mega iceberg which sank the Titanic was only a small chunk of when it was first formed more than 100,000 years ago. It weighed millions of tonnes and was thousands of years old according to new data.

Mega Iceberg which sank the Unsinkable Titanic, here is all we know

Titanic,Iceberg,1012,Titanic II

1. A computer modelling simulation had been used by Professor Grant Bigg from the University of Sheffield, to calculate more about the size and structure of the mega-iceberg which was actually responsible for the ship disaster in 1912.

2. Titanic then stood no chance as it made its way from to the United States from England. The 75 million tonne mega iceberg had been building from snow, it fell around 100,000 years previously.

3. According to new study the first snowflake had fallen in southwest Greenland, it turned into a cluster of smaller icebergs eventually.

Titanic,Iceberg,1012,Titanic II

4. The iceberg was a notable 400 feet long and 100 feet above the ocean level when it sank the Titanic in 1912. According to the scientists, estimate show that it was likely much larger before about 1,700 feet long when it started traveling into the sea.

5. When the iceberg hit the Titanic, it was estimated to weigh 1.5 metric tonnes, but its original size was calculated to be a gigantic 75 metric tonnes.

6. These smaller icebergs then began to merge with the monster iceberg, this monster iceberg was actually responsible for one of the most popular disasters mankind has seen. 1,517 people lost their lives due to this tragedy.

7. Professor Grant Bigg said: “We have a computer model for calculating the paths of icebergs in any given year. We take what we know about ocean currents, then add meteorological readings for that year to calculate prevailing winds. Applying those techniques to 1912 points to the iceberg coming from around Qassimiut on Greenland’s southwest coast.” Professor Bigg will be presenting his findings at the Cambridge science festival.

Titanic II set to sail in 2018

Titanic,Iceberg,1012,Titanic II

This piece of news has come in just few weeks after it was announced that an exact replica of the Titanic will set sail in 2018.

A replica of the real ill-fated Titanic ship is expected to set sail on its maiden journey in the year 2018. Titanic II is being developed by an Australian billionaire Clive Palmer’s Blue Star Line company. Titanic II will be a fully-functioning imitation and will be fully updated to meet all the modern safety requirements. It will travel from Jiangsu, China, to Dubai. It will accommodate more than 2,000 passengers, who will enjoy access to the Turkish baths, gym and swimming pool. The ship’s first, second and the third class cabins will be a faithful reproduction of the original, according to a spokesman for mining tycoon Palmer’s Blue Star Line.

According to James McDonald, who is the firm’s marketing director, the new Titanic will have all the modern evacuation procedures, satellite controls, digital navigation and radar systems. Which means it will have all those things we expect on a 21st century ship.

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