The BJP has Released Its First List of Candidates for the Ensuing Polls! No Surprises There!

  • Trust me, the ensuing polls to the Karnataka state assembly will not only be keenly observed by the politically inclined citizens but also the entire nation’s political parties as well. Why Karnataka elections are considered so crucial for the country’s political developments? Simply because these poll results portend enough indications as to where the political wind is blowing when the mother of all elections, the Lok Sabha polls, ensues. Remember, the Lok Sabha polls are scheduled to be held in May 2024. As such, every state assembly election from now on will be crucial for the major political parties like the BJP, Congress, and other regional entities. Make no mistake, perception is equally important to influence the voters, and as such, win or loss in state polls is crucial.


  • None of the elections in India is complete without the caste equations getting played out prominently. Of course, interspersed with quotas and reservations alongside inducements, incentives, promises, and assurances thrown in for good measure, the election assumes an interesting proposition for both the political parties as well as the voters. It’s fascinating to observe how an election in the country pans out right from the day of the announcement of the polls. Coming to Karnataka, all three major players in the state viz. the BJP, Congress, and JD(S) have announced their first/second lists of candidates selected to contest. Of course, heartburns are a common phenomenon whenever a known candidate misses out.
  • The ruling dispensation in Karnataka, the BJP, announced its first list after days of deliberations. Although there are no huge surprises, some of the prominent names missing out from the list make it more compelling to understand what prompted such omissions. Mind you, Karnataka politics is dominated by two dominant castes vis. Lingayats and Vokkaligas. And then there are SCs, STs, OBCs, and other minorities who are equally important factors whose representation is mandatory. Thus, striking a balance by distributing tickets to all these stakeholders is in itself a herculean task. The ruling BJP may deny it, but the anti-incumbency factor is an inalienable truth that cannot be wished away. Poor performance and corruption allegations will haunt the BJP.


  • To combat the anti-incumbency perception, the BJP appears to have worked out a strategy by fielding known leaders to take on the stalwarts of Congress. Thus, fielding V Somanna in Varuna to take on Congress legislative assembly leader Siddaramaiah and R Ashoka in Kanakapura against state president DK Shivakumar is a smart move that is bound to make these leaders spend inadequate time campaigning for other candidates. Yes, the BJP has denied issuing tickets to a few senior leaders leading to protests and quitting. Mind you, the BJP would have weighed in all possibilities before taking these tough decisions. Interestingly, the BJP which preaches against dynastic politics has issued tickets to a few family members too. Political compulsions, you see.