Rainy Season Is Here. Top 10 Tips For Good Health In Monsoons!

Rainy Season

Rainy SeasonMonsoons are fun, and rains are certainly refreshing. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the rainy season? However, it is necessary to stay healthy along with being happy during the monsoons. Just like the rains bring cool weather and beautiful nature; the rainy season also brings a lot of infections and diseases as well. Here are top 10 tips for staying healthy during the rains.

Food tips for rainy season

The very first thing that you should care about is the food. Many people indulge in roadside foods like chaats, pakodas, vada-paav and many more during the rainy season. These foods taste good; but these are also the heaven for germs and bacteria if proper hygiene is not maintained while cooking those. So, it’s better to avoid these foods as much as possible. And even if you feel like eating them, visit a clean and hygienic eatery.

FruitsChoose fruits wisely

Eating fruits is good. But not all fruits are good to consume in rainy season. Fruits like pears, mangoes, apples and pomegranate are always a good choice. However, try and avoid watery fruits such as watermelon and muskmelon as they might affect your digestion. Also, such fruits might induce growth of germs if hygiene is not taken care of.

Increase your immunity

Monsoon is one of the worst seasons when it comes is health. Many people fall sick during this weather and hence, it is necessary to increase immunity during the rainy season. Try home remedies such as adding garlic to soup and adding ginger to tea to increase immunity.

Boiled WaterDrink boiled water

Water is the most necessary ingredient for human body. However, drinking unclean water during rainy season is a big no-no. There are a number of waterborne diseases that are common during monsoons. Hence, to avoid falling sick due to water, it is better to drink the boiled water, as this will kill all germs and bacteria that have formed in water.

Eat bitter vegetables

Eating bitter vegetables will help you in many ways. The vegetables such as bitter gourd help you avoid any skin infections and allergies, which are commonly found in rainy seasons. If you don’t like to consume it in a boiled form, you can fry those to add taste.

Rainy SeasonStay away from stagnant water

Stagnant water and poodles are a common scene during the monsoons. It may be at home, like in unused pots and empty vessels or it can be on the roads. Both the places are breeding ground for mosquitoes. These waters give rise to diseases like malaria and dengue. Hence, as a precautionary measure, it is advisable to throw away the water inside the unused tank, flower pots as well as water coolers.

Use mosquito repellent:

Somehow mosquitoes love monsoons too. Hence, its better to use a powerful insect repellent to hold mosquitoes away and prevent getting bitten.

Rainy SeasonConsume other forms of milk

Milk can cause indigestion; especially during the rainy season. Hence, it is better to avoid it and replace it with other forms of milk. You can consume yogurt, curd and buttermilk, which is easy to digest. And if you still plan to drink milk, first boil it to 100 degree Celsius and then drink it. This will help you stay away from the harmful germs that are likely to attack your body.

Avoid spicy food

During monsoon since the weather is not too hot or too cold, you will be inclined towards the spicy foods. But this will be absolutely a wrong step for you. You must avoid having spicy food during the monsoon season. It can lead to skin allergies and irritation.

Rainy SeasonDrink herbal teas:

Though during the rainy season you may not feel very hungry. However, you should make sure that you keep yourself hydrated. You can drink herbal teas, particularly those with antibacterial properties. Drinking green tea during monsoons is also a good idea.

There are several other ways to prevent any illness, infection or disease during monsoons. However, you can at least follow the above tips and keep yourself healthy.

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