Rahul Dravid and the Support Staff Getting An Extension is the Right Move!

  • The Indians are aware of the preeminent presence of cricket in their lives invoking passionate debates whenever the sport comes out as a topic of discussion. No wonder, most of us consider ourselves no less than cricket experts, never letting go of an opportunity to voice our opinions unabashedly. Such is the popularity, reach, and following enjoyed by cricket in India. Of course, the recently concluded successful 50-over World Cup provided spectacular entertainment over a month and a half. Team India was billed as favourites to go the distance and they almost lived up to the expectations but faltered in the final when it mattered most. The team from down under showed to the world what they were made of by winning the coveted Cup for the sixth time.


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  • Team India was left nursing the wounds inflicted by the unexpected defeat in the finals after playing memorably during the league stage and the semifinals. The entire country was stunned when Team Australia subdued us with such a ruthlessly professional display of quality performance. Usually, when Team India fails to live up to the expectations, cricket-crazy fans are known to go ballistic hurling abuses, curses, and simply venting out their anger in more than one way. Thankfully, nothing of this sort happened when the curtains were drawn to conclude the tournament. Instead, what the country witnessed was a tremendous outpouring of support for Team India from all quarters for putting up a great show right through the Cup.
  • As Head Coach Rahul Dravid mentioned aftermath of the defeat, the dust will settle down and things will move on – the time has come for Indian cricket to move ahead for future assignments. Mind you, the T20 World Cup is just six months away and the preparations for the tournament should commence without any further delay. Moreover, Team India will be embarking on a tour to South Africa to play 3 T20Is, 3 ODIs, and 2 Tests. Teams have already been selected for the tour as well. One of the most talked about aspects in the last few days was about the continuation of Rahul Dravid as the Head Coach. It was reported that Dravid was not too keen on continuing in the role after the expiry of the present contract.

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  • Thankfully, it turns out that the BCCI mandarins have succeeded in getting the Wall on board to continue in the position along with the other support staff. The nitty-gritty of the contract is being worked out as reported. The continuation of Dravid as the Head Coad augurs well for Indian cricket since the transition period is almost staring at us. Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli have indicated their reluctance to commit to the white-ball cricket on expected lines. Of course, Indian cricket is well served by the emergence of a huge talent pool courtesy of the IPL, at least in the shortest format. Dravid has seen the emergence of several talented cricketers who have already donned the Indian colors with distinction. His acceptance to coach the senior team is most welcome!