Pulwama Attack, What the Naysayers Have Now to Dispute!

  • As the entire nation was left dumbstruck in the aftermath of the Pulwama terrorist attack leaving dead forty Central Reserve Police Force on the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway in 2019, there wasa large outpouring of grief, anger, and a collective call for a decisive response to revenge on the brutal act within a time frame. The message was loud and clear, that the Indian response must be swift targeting the terror-sponsoring/manufacturing factories across the border.  As assured by the Prime Minister himself, the IAF strikes on the terror targets achieved the desired result.

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  • What followed within the country aftermath of the IAF strike was surreal to comprehend as the entire public discourse vociferously hailing the move to revenge the deadly attack was commendable. Though, the stand adopted by the opposition parties starkly reflected the popular mood much against the wishes of millions of countrymen.  Right from suspecting the ruling dispensation with diabolical conspiracy theories to drum up electoral support by whipping up nationalism to questioning the number of benefits accruing by such an act to squarely placing the blame on the intelligence apparatus for failing to preempt such an attack, the list was endless.

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  • However, praising the Armed Forces for the exemplary bravery in a daring operation, many political leaders identified with the mainstream opposition parties raised unpleasant and uncomfortable questions about the Prime Minister’s assurance that many terrorist hideouts in the Balakot area across the borders were vanquished by the Indian Air Force. Ensuing slug fest, especially perpetrated by the scion of the Grand Old Party repeatedly doubting the befitting response inflicting damages on the terror factories, was embarrassing and cringe worthy,to say the least.
  • Joining the chorus were some of the other prominent opposition leaders equally skeptical and acerbic in raising apprehensions as regards the veracity of operation carried out by the IAF. People familiar with the happenings back then would recollect that the amount of heat generated within the country attempting at cornering the Union Government was gleefully accepted across the border when some leaders over their quoting the scion verbatim pooh-pooing the measures adopted here.  Time and again attempts were made at belittling the strong measures and responses of the PM.

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  • Wittingly or unwittingly admitting its connivance in perpetuating the terrorist attack in Pulwama on the floor of the National Assembly in Pakistan, the Army selected ruling dispensation there has scored a self-goal revealing to the world what has been mostly known across the globe since long. Immediately seizing on the gaffe, the Bharatiya Janata Party Chief and some other leaders have demanded an apology from all those naysayers for not only denigrating the ruling leadership but also casting doubts on the Armed Forces’ response as well.
  • A word of advice to all naysayers, including but not restricted to opposition political leaders, intellectuals, thinkers, civil society members, NGOs, and the ilk, that matters concerning national integration and security should never be compromised nor questioned unless warranting such a move based on unflinching evidence. Staying on the same page on matters related to national security/interest is imperative.  The ruling dispensation could also involve the opposition on matters of relevance to exhibit unambiguous and solidly standing united as a nation.

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