Obvious Lessons for India Vis-À-Vis Surge in COVID-19 Cases in Europe!

  • Let us not beat around the bush or mince words in ascertaining that the novel coronavirus cannot be brushed aside or considered as any normal viral flu known to humankind. The highly infectious nature of the SARS-Cov-2 has relentlessly showcased since being declared as pandemic and the ill-effects, especially fatality rates afflicting people with comorbidities, are staggeringly high requiring an extremely cautious approach to keep the virus at bay. Imposing stringent lockdown measures to break the spread and contain the virus is always regarded as the last resort.

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  • No disputing the fact that the nations cannot be functioning under stringent lockdowns as economic activities to ensure the sustainability of lives and livelihoods is also equally important. Balancing out on both, containing the virus spread as also allowing the economy to coexist, is the mantra.  Easier said than done though to strike a balance but options available right now, in the absence of an effective vaccine, is extremely limited save for observing health and safety protocols.  Every expert worth his/her salt has been emphasizing this factor loud and clear.
  • In an alarming turn of events, the virus spread reported across the world, especially the United States of America and other European countries, for the past fortnight or so evidently has taken the turn for worse as the confirmed infection cases are on the ascendancy. Call it a second or third wave or conducive cold conditions or callous and negligent adherence to prescribed standard operating protocols, the virulent virus is spreading its dreaded tentacles yet again posing existential threats to the very survival of humanity in peace.  Signs are ominous, to say the least.


  • Most worryingly, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany are forced to revert to imposing lockdowns in varying degrees with no other recourse available to block the virus from spreading. These nations are some of the richest/advanced economies in the global order who will be able to buffer their respective countrymen from hardships/challenges to a large extent by extending financial aids/packages/stimulus.  For a moment consider a scenario what it would portend to our country if and ever the anticipated second wave makes its presence felt devastating us no end.
  • We, as a country, have fought hard and bitter till now in the face of unparalleled adversities in succeeding to limit the damages as also curbing the virus within manageable comforts despite inadequate healthcare infrastructure and resources at our command. The hard-fought battle is yielding a satisfactory outcome, not a comfortable situation by any stretch of the imagination though, in relatively keeping the virus at bay from spreading beyond control.  Whatever gained so far should be sustained henceforth as well by not letting our guard down so sooner.

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  • Any uncontrollable spike in the infection cases here from now on will be nothing less than a disaster the country can ill-afford. Onus squarely rests on us, the people, toassiduously observe social distancing norms, wear a mask covering nose and mouth, and frequently wash hands till eagerly awaited vaccine makes way sooner than later.  Even then, there is no surety that the virus shall be conquered or vanquished as vaccine availability to last of the citizen standing is many months away.  Precaution is the keyword, and observance is non-negotiable!

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