Opposing for the Sake of Opposing Doesn’t Cut Ice Anymore!

  • I am sure close political observers and followers would be greatly intrigued by the underlying machinations at work when it comes to introducing path-breaking policy decisions no less than revolutionary reformist ideas. Post-independence, the country is witness to any number of occasions when a potentially game-altering measure proposed by the ruling dispensation, irrespective of party affiliation or alliance, was opposed tooth and nail by the principal opposition party(s). Indian political history is replete with many such examples.


  • As the polarization, communalization, casteism, and ideological affinities kept changing goalposts keeping in line with the fast-changing geopolitical scenario, the Indian political parties were not found behind in realigning their strategies to suit emerging trends on that front. A unique feature of the Indian political system is its extremely flexible approach in adopting measures that not only strengthened assiduously cultivated vote-banks primarily but also leaving enough door space open to welcome any party’s prepared to embrace the changed narration nonchalantly.
  • Consequently, many friends turned foes and sworn enemies became allies owing to compulsions of the present-day political realities but with a definite aim to stay relevant on the firmament. No wonder widely acknowledged saying that mentions there are no permanent friends or enemies in the political theater changing associations suiting one’s requirements will hold forever. In this backdrop, recently passed Bills in the monsoon session of the Parliament encompassing the farming community quite evidently showcases how parties can alter views with regards to policies.

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  • When the UPA was at the helm of affairs at the Centre, many of the policy decisions like introducing GST, Unique Identification Card, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in multi-brand retail policy, freeing up of Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee from the clutches of outdated and middlemen infested farming sector were vehemently opposed by the opposition NDA. Right from name-calling to denigrating the ruling alliance for selling the interests of the people and farmers to corporates were vociferously highlighted by the NDA leading to widespread disruptions in the proceedings of the Parliamentary functioning.
  • Cut to the present situation when the seat of power changed occupants, the NDA has conveniently appropriated the abovementioned policies by either changing the nomenclature or by introducing subtle changes by altering/improvising the proposals and claiming it afresh unabashedly as its own. Such usurpations do not go unnoticed and hence, would ideally entail the ruling dispensation to openly acknowledge the origination of such ideas/proposals/policies rather than claiming sole credit which by no means belongs to it in the first place.

PC: Rajat Mohan

  • In the same vein, the UPA too should extend all possible support to the proposed moves instead of opposing for the sake of opposing thereby belittling its initiative as also compromising on the legitimate larger interests of the country. Lopsided one-upmanship is always detrimental to the health of the country and hence, expecting responsible conduct from the political party(s) are par for the course action. Would the leaders consider the same in the right spirit? Hopefully so.

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Krishna MV
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