Israeli PM Must Realise the Futility of the Meandering War Now!

  • The global community is witness to how the daredevil terrorist attack perpetrated by Hamas set about a chain of events leading to the Israeli forces going on the offensive in Gaza. In a counterattack, the first thing the Israeli leadership wanted was to eliminate Hamas from the face of the earth. Of course, the global leadership not only extended moral support by decrying Hamas’ deadly attacks but also provided military and financial support to Israel. The United States of America, the all-weather ally of Israel, steadfastly stands by Tel Aviv by extending every means of support. However, the initial aggressive counterattacks from Israel have yielded limited outcomes and as such, the war continues to meander along with no sign of end in sight.


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  • No wonder, the global leadership has started urging Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to revisit the strategy of piling on the already despicable humanitarian crisis bogging the Palestinian people. Billions of precious dollars have been spent, precious lives and properties have been lost, several thousands of humans are starting at an uncertain future, and the economy is in tatters. But Netanyahu is hell-bent on his steadfast belief in obliterating Hamas. Besides this, PM now setting his sights on Hezbollah is bad news for West Asia. Indeed, he has severely hurt Brand Israel by continuing to play with the lives of millions. After announcing the intense phase of the Israeli operation in Gaza is winding down, he now looks set to send more troops to the Lebanon border.
  • Mind you, fighting the much stronger and militarily well-equipped Hezbollah will be a daunting challenge for the overstretched Israeli military. This, potentially, can be an unmitigated disaster. It won’t help Israel’s security. It may directly drag Iran into the conflict and lead to a wider conflagration. But Netanyahu now seems to want perpetual conflict to stay in power. This Lebanon-based Shia militia group is far superior to Hamas in military strength. Its range of short-range rockets and missiles can pose problems for Israeli defenses. Since the Gaza conflict began on Oct 7 last year, Hezbollah’s strikes into northern Israel have forced tens of thousands of Israelis to evacuate towns along that border.



  • For the uninitiated, the last time the two sides had a full-scale war in 2006, there were heavy casualties on both sides and Israel failed to destroy Hezbollah’s military capabilities. Further, Israel’s military has said Hamas as an ideology can’t be defeated. Meanwhile, families of Israeli hostages in Gaza want a hostage deal. And the US certainly doesn’t want an Israel-Hezbollah war. Sadly, Netanyahu isn’t listening. Long known as the only genuine democracy in West Asia and a tech powerhouse, Israel’s reputation today lies in tatters. PM’s actions have jeopardized Israel’s fledgling relations with regional Arab nations, undermined its economy, and turned Israelis against their govt. PM must realize the folly and call for a ceasefire now before it’s too late.

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