Has the Television Media Gone Overboard with Some Issues!

  • There is no denying the fact that television media performs an exceptional job in not only disseminating information to its intended receivers admirably but also in sustaining the pressure till any matters of great concern are addressed in the desired manner. There is any number of instances wherein the television media has successfully taken up the cudgel on a variety of significant societal issues with profound ramifications resulting in grabbing the attention of the authorities concerned leading to the eventual solving of the matter.


  • Most often than not, the nation has openly welcomed any form of vigilantism in highlighting the plights of deprived/affected lot by compelling the not so enthusiastic authorities concerned to act in a time-bound manner. Electronic media, especially television, has successfully ensured in keeping checks and balances on the government machinery through unremitting campaigning on matters of grave concerns. Unwilling authorities were also pressured to change tack by relentless media coverage whenever a burning issue appeared veering toward inaction are dime a dozen.
  • During the pandemic-induced lockdown, the television channels were all over the media platform highlighting every single bit of information in minute detail that was well appreciated by people confined to the four walls of their homes. Media houses essayed a tremendous supportive role in creating awareness across the length and breadth of the country is stating the obvious. Always on the lookout for sizzling and sensational topics, no sooner than the unfortunate death of Bollywood Star started hitting the headlines, the pandemic related issue naturally has taken a backseat.

PC: H Waghmare

  • Since then, the death topic has seen such turns and twists that it would shame most of the popular TV crime soaps in comparison. Taking sides, some of the big media houses are vertically divided in backing/opposing every associated move related to the case. Though the case is investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation, it appears for any simple discerning eyes that the media trial underway with passion and overzealousness pales the actual examination by a fair distance. Such is the focus and sustained reportage being playout out in the media.
  • Audacious it may sound, judgments are already pronounced by the hyperbole media anchors representing respective houses not hesitating a moment in naming the guilty by showcasing allegedly leaked pieces of evidence, witness soundbites, and duly supported by biased panelists lending their perceived wisdom even before the law can take its course. The drug angle attracting unprecedented coverage owing to big names of A-listers has rendered the original viewpoint to inquire into a possible homicide or abetment to suicide almost irrelevant.

PC: Michael P. Hill

  • Attempting to create a storm in a teacup where none exists doesn’t befit the reputation of responsible media houses who are presumed to remain unbiased, neutral, and portray a balanced viewpoint for public consumption. Therefore, it is advisable on the part of television media houses to refrain from predisposed projections thereby rendering the entire narration whimsical and unfounded. Hopefully, a balanced broadcast on any matters would ensue in the coming days.

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Krishna MV
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