Demographic Transition Underway But Preference for Male Continues!

  • Whether you call it skewed penchant or medieval practices, procreating Indian parents has not altered their preferences for the male child even as we are in the most technologically advanced stage yet known to humanity. Despite concerted campaigns, perpetual propagation, seamless flow of dissemination of information about the virtues of observing impartial viewpoint towards either of the genders, the society at large expressly exhibits inclination for male progeny rather than welcoming any blessing or staying neutral, at least.

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  • The Sample Registration System (SRS) statistical report for 2018 is the latest survey capturing the demographic transition underway covering 22 states shows data that has fallen below replacement fertility levels. This report suggests that the nation requires to prepare adequately for a phase where the population will decline in the coming years.  Hearteningly, the sample report also indicates the changing preferences of progenies from an average of 3 children per family to preferring 2 and 1 children as well.
  • Depending on the level of education of the female gender acquires, the ratio of producing children too will change incommensurate with the literacy rate. More the awareness, less likely a female would be inclined to produce more children.  In such a scenario, it becomes incumbent on the part of immediate stakeholders i.e. respective parents to ensure every girl child is accorded equal importance vis-à-vis, male progeny, without any discrimination.

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  • Though the Governments – the Central as well as State – are at the forefront discouraging discrimination, the issue continues to evade being a path-breaking one and hence, is unresolved yet. One need not look too far for the lop-sided reasoning and beliefs. Openly expressing biases and extending preferential treatments including but not restricted to education, amenities, and order of importance, subjugating girl child to dissimilar yardsticks, are some of the highly despicable norms that are yet to be ridden from the society’s deep-rooted prejudices.
  • Not everything appears lost as some gains are indeed accomplished in bridging the gender bias. Consequently, palpable changes respecting gender equality are visible on the ground as compared to earlier times, though the issue still lags several notches in transcending the barriers created over centuries of blind following.  Successive Governments efforts to usher in gender equality acceptances requires further push from all concerned stakeholders to supplement these initiatives.

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  • Educating people and the society at large about the unrewarding fixation for male progeny in these times as anachronistic deserves serious impetus. No sooner the message gets communicated across, results might start appearing correcting the historical anomaly for the betterment of humanity itself.  Now is the time to speed-up the process.  Let’s all join hands in realizing the same.

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