Covid or No Covid, Voter Apathy in Bengaluru Continues!

  • Election after election, whether assembly or parliamentary, the low voter turnout afflicting the urban setup simply refuses to witness an uptick as citizens time and again choose not to acknowledge owning up responsibilities while exercising the franchise. Despite numerous efforts, attempts, urgings, cajoling, and concerted dissemination of information to come out in large numbers during election days invariable falls on deaf ears looking at the percentage of polling recorded.  The recently concluded by-election in RR Nagar constituency in Bengaluru is no exception.

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  • Agreed, the pandemic induced fear could be playing a significant role in dissuading the enrolled voters from emerging out in large numbers to vote on the poll day. But fails to provide convincing answers as to why people should nurse unfounded fears whilst not compromising in observing all health and safety protocols that were put in place most admirably by the authorities.  Fear is unfounded as there is no reason to cast aspersions on the arrangements made to ensure prescribed protocols when every other economic activity can function full tilt without any restrictions.
  • Ultimately boils down to individuals’ sense of responsibility towards society in electing our representatives to not only address our Constitution mandated privileges and rights but also joining hands in building the nation’s progression in the desired manner. Any elected representatives chosen by the people to represent them without participating in large numbers might be construed as less popular leading to lesser accountability as well while attending to our day-to-day concerns.  Traction to extract accountability from the elected leader could be lost as a fallout of lesser voting percentage.

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  • Likewise, large participation also ensures added accountability on the representatives to deliver and act as a conduit between the citizens and the government of the day for any work related to a constituency. Commonsense dictates all supposedly learned and educated citizens realize this simple factor with pragmatism facilitating smooth functionality of democratic discharge of responsibilities.  Unfortunately, citizens averse to exercise their franchise defeats the very purpose of democracy enabled governance structure so essential for running the administration.

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  • In this backdrop, looking at the RR Nagar by election voter percentage of 45.2 is nothing but pathetic showcasing the general apathy of people who will otherwise not miss an opportunity to constantly crib, criticize, cringe, and call names highlighting lacunas bogging their surroundings/locality. Blaming the government of the day for all ills does not cut much ice anymore if we, the empowered citizens, fail to join hands in choosing our elected representative to serve us without participating in the process of election.    People show responsibility!

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Krishna MV
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