Bursting of Firecrackers, is It Unavoidable!

  • At the outset, let me make it unambiguously clear that we all have a responsibility towards our environment by joining hands in whatever forms, ways, or means to ensure the contribution is purposefully aimed at reducing the carbon footprint besieging Mother Earth in a mind-boggling torrent. The green revolution is rightly gaining prominence in all veritable global platforms that lay great emphasis on sustaining efforts ensuring lesser exploitation of natural resources. The uninterrupted surge in environmental concerns is a real danger staring at us.

PC: Arya UR & Deepika Jayaram

  • Look no far, enough indications are reminding us about the way humankind continues to remain insensitive to growing after-effects with global warming taking center stage in deliberations across the world. No longer can any responsible individual or for that matter a country can ignore the debilitating effects of altered equations in the core environmental equilibrium. Extremely volatile weather patterns witnessed around the universe amply corroborates the claim that Mother Nature cannot be taken for granted any further.
  • Therefore, efforts initiated by every accountable country, and the people inhabiting the planet adds to the overall effectiveness to extend balancing out measures to keep the erosion of natural protection nature embraces itself from abuse. Without getting into a long list of reasons for the present situation staring at us vis-à-vis environmental degradation, it is well advised to introspect in the right earnest within ourselves to arrive at some concrete resolution that could be easily implemented.


  • Governments can show us the direction through campaigns, urgings, restrictions, laws, and coercion but traversing in line with the vision propagated will have to come from each one of us. As the pandemic raging across the globe establishes how gullible and vulnerable the human race is when nature decides to course-correct by unleashing destructive forces to checkmate, the time has come to chip-in with real intent and determination to resolve to stop further careless/unchecked interruptions in the natural order.
  • In this backdrop, the Indian Government’s efforts at reducing the rising pollution concerns – compounded as it is with poor air quality seen in many cities largely owing to industrial, vehicular, and unscientific stubble burnings as well as methods adopted – by appealing to the people to forego bursting firecrackers on the occasion of Deepavali has fallen on deaf ears. As you are aware, Deepavali is the festival of lights, and bursting firecrackers could have been easily avoided. Carefree indulgence in bursting firecrackers is only going to add to the unbearable pollution challenges manifold.

PC:  Daniel Sendecki

  • Experts were unequivocal in their assessment that the rising pollution levels supplemented by the bursting of firecrackers will be aiding the virulent virus to spread its wing even farther causing piling of irreparable damages. As is its won’t, trust our people to simply ignore or turn a blind eye to the impassioned call by going about in their indulgences as if nothing bothers or stops them. Firecrackers could have waited for a year but the detrimental consequences of lost lives are forever that cannot be compensated. Little contributions could help sustain this beautiful planet to remain healthier and liveable. Let us all pledge to do our bit in whatever ways possible!

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Krishna MV
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