5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy iPhone 7


About 5-7 years ago everybody wanted to own an iPhone, and why wouldn’t they? iPhone was the king of smartphones and no one was even close to them in terms of technology. But now in 2016, things have changed dramatically and technology is getting evolved every day. iPhone 7, has just been launched by Apple and it is the hotspot of discussion. In this article we will tell you about 5 reasons why you shouldn’t buy iPhone 7

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy iPhone 7

Why You Shouldn't Buy iPhone 7 1.No Headphone Jack

The first obvious reason why you shouldn’t buy iPhone 7 has to be this. Like always Apple is shoving this down our throats. They are shipping the iPhone with a portable adaptor to connect headphones. But is it worth it? That means if I want to listen music on the go I will have to carry an adaptor everywhere. Talking about the wireless ear pods, Apple would charge you approximately $159 for that.

2.Same Design

The reason majority of the people upgrade their phones is because they get bored of the device. If you keep iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 side by side. You won’t be able to find a difference between the two. It is worthless for people who were planning to change their phones due to the design. This is a major reason why you shouldn’t buy iPhone 7.

Why You Shouldn't Buy iPhone 7

3.4-5 New Features Costs You More Than $600

iPhone 7 is going to have a better ram, better camera and a better ram. For these three new features Apple is asking you just $600. This is one of the many reasons why you shouldn’t buy iPhone 7. Well you can get the same things at a way cheaper price in Android. iPhone 7 is simply a waste of money if you ask me. But if you believe in promoting your social status then this is certainly the phone you want to buy.

4.All Show No Utility

Every phone has to degrade after a point of time. But, iPhone 7 is going to degrade a lot faster. This is a major reason why you shouldn’t buy iPhone 7. The reason behind this is the non-improvement from Apple. OnePlus 3 provides you 6gb DDR 4 ram and an 820 snapdragon core processor with 16 megapixels of back and 8megapixels of front camera. A wise man would surely go for OnePlus 3 because it is 1/3rd of the price of Apple.

Why You Shouldn't Buy iPhone 7


That is what Apple is known for. iPhone 7 is expensive and as a matter of fact it is the most non-utility delivering smartphone in the market. It may have a few cool features but paying $649 is not worth it. This is the biggest reason why shouldn’t buy iPhone 7.

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