5 Most Beautiful And Jaw Dropping Tourist Attractions in Fort Lauderdale!

Fort Lauderdale

Located 23 miles North of Miami, Fort Lauderdale is a predominantly residential resort city on the Atlantic Coast. The city has an unique Venice-like series of waterways and canals. In the 1930s, a number of resort hotels had began to pop up on this drained swampland. Now, this city is renowned for its beach, busy seaport and boating opportunities. Here is a list of 5 major tourist attractions in Fort Lauderdale:

Beautiful tourist attractions in Fort Lauderdale!

Fort Lauderdale1. Fort Lauderdale beach!

One of the most beautiful and magical place to visit in Fort Lauderdale is its beach. The beach is full of entertainment for anyone out here. It is backed by an amazing pedestrian walk and numerous shops, hotels and restaurants.



Fort Lauderdale2. Stranahan House!

Built in 1901, the Stranahan House was built by Ohio businessman and trader Frank Stranahan. This pine pioneers home was used by him for his barge ferry business. Now, this house features verandahs, bay windows, tropical gardens, a Victorian parlor along with period Victorian furniture and amazing decorative pieces.


Fort Lauderdale3. Museum of Art!

A modern, unique looking three storied building, the Museum of Art contains amazing wide-ranging collection. This museum features exhibitions on some of the world’s renowned artists. Further, it also offers educational programming.



Fort Lauderdale4. Hugh Taylor Birch State Park!

A gift from Hugh Taylor Birch, the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park is an amazingly beautiful retreat for all the tourists. It is a 180 acre park with 2 nature trails, picnic areas, and beach access, cycling paths, the Birch House Museum, freshwater lagoons and canoe rental shops.


Fort Lauderdale5. Everglades Holiday Park!

Everglades Holiday Park is a noted and renowned holiday park for the nature lovers. It provides the opportunity to glide over the everglades on an airboat. Further, one can even watch educational ‘gator’ shows. Also, the episodes of Animal Planet’s ‘Gator Boys’ have also been filmed at this renowned location.

Further, the Antique Car Museum in Fort Lauderdale is also an amazing place for tourists. It focuses on the history of the Packard Motor Company!

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