10 Types Of Friends Who Complete Your Gang

Friends,Types Of Friends,Friendships Day

Heard that line – “ Kyuki Har Ek Friend Jaruri Hota Hai”? This line holds so very true in real life. Each and every friend plays their own separate part to complete your friends circle. Be it the procrastinators to the one who is dead close to you. While we celebrate Friendships Day together, today I have come with this funny yet logical list of different kinds of buddies who you should have. Have fun reading it and also share it with your friends along with tags on which category they fall into. It will be a fun task this Friendships Days isn’t it?

10 Types Of Friends Who Complete Your Gang

Friends,Types Of Friends,Friendships Day

1. The Social Butterfly

Yeah this category of friends just can’t find time, even when they hang out with you they would always be busy waving at others. Be it pubbing or meeting people over coffee, you just won’t see them free ever on any given day. They have a big gang even out of the gang they are presently in, so don’t be surprised if you have several mutual friends with them.

2. The Social Media Freak

There is this one member in your group who post each and every thing on the social media. Starting from catching up with friends to going to the washroom with friends, a selfie is always put up on the social media. Apart from posting the whereabouts they are also quite active in liking, tweeting and retweeting. Sometimes they are irritating as they are always living in the virtual world.

Friends,Types Of Friends,Friendships Day

3. The Always Right

Those kinds who do not think about the other side when it comes to speaking out from heart. They wouldn’t hesitate to show you the mirror at any point of time, so be it the lipstick shade or the guy you are dating. You can expect genuine feedback from this category of friends always. They always weight matters on reality and are very honest, they aren’t the ones who think from heart but its always the mind for them.

4. The Broke Types

The ones who show their pockets are always empty, don’t know if the reason they give are always genuine or just a mantra. This category are always ready with some excuse and a promise to return your money soon, but when you meet them next time it’s the same story.

Friends,Types Of Friends,Friendships Day

5. The Big Boss Of Shopping

This one friend will always have all possible details about any discounts and sale going on. The best shopping apps, deals and best bargain, anything related to shopping big boss knows it. So next time you plan shopping do discuss it with this category, or take them along they might help you save some money with the amount of knowledge.

6. The Bad Influence Kinds

Among that big gang there is one member who your parents just can’t stand. This category is exactly that one who just don’t fit the mould. These people are the ones who familiarise you with certain concepts you just never heard. They might not always be bad things though, but it totally depends on you how you perceive them to be.

Friends,Types Of Friends,Friendships Day

7. The Always Jumping Kinds

Always jumping, are they monkeys? Nope not really but this category of people is always excited, they don’t need a reason to be excited. So be it buying a new dress or watching an old movie on TV they always tell you jumping with joy. These monkeys really are cute pies as they add in an amount of cheer into your life.

8. The Fitness Freaks

These just talk about gym, diets, dumbles, workouts and anything which is related to fitness. While you are busy hogging delicious junk food, they would be bust watching what they eat and also brief you on the calorie intake that you are possibly having. They love to participate in marathons and also influence the gang to join in.

Friends,Types Of Friends,Friendships Day

9. The Gossiper

Without them no group can ever be complete. Yes, I feel each and every gang has at least one member who loved to gossip. Starting from who’s dating whom to that fight in the college this one person knows it all. One more feature of this category of friend is that they add their own masala to it the story.

10. The Bhukkad

Bhukkad as most of them call them, yes this person is always hungry. The one who will never stop eating and if they do they start talking about food. Their breaks are totally dedicated to food. I feel these people are hungry even when they are actually eating. If there is a problem in the gang, they would suggest to solve it by eating. Eat Eat Eat, they just Eat that’s all.

Hope you like this small write-up. Do share it with your friends and bring a smile to their faces by telling them who you think they are on this funny little list. BTW, Happy Friendships Day!

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