YOGA Can Harm You, See How

Yoga,Exercise,Yoga Can Harm You,Disadvantage of Yoga

When it comes to exercising, we often thing YOGA is the best. But people often mistake that this form of exercise is meant for everybody, irrespective of their age and body type. Yoga can have adverse effects on your body if you wrongly stretch your body or do incorrect asanas. Even breathing during performing asanas play a very important role, if your breath is going in an incorrect manner it can prove out to be unfavourable for your health. In fact, doctors say incorrect postures can give you acute pain and long-standing chronic health problems. 

Yoga,Exercise,Yoga Can Harm You,Disadvantage of Yoga

Yoga which is considered to be a great form of exercise, it helps to improve the flexibility and strength of one’s body. Also one of the best advantages of performing yoga is that it helps in reducing stress and anxiety. Few other advantages to add to the bucket list are improved heart rate and respiration and also improved metabolism. Performing Yoga in the correct manner can work like magic but if the same is done incorrectly it can actually cause a lot of harm. incorrectly, it can also cause harm.

Check Out 6 Reason How YOGA Can Harm You

Yoga,Exercise,Yoga Can Harm You,Disadvantage of Yoga

1. Overdoing Or Doing It Incorrectly

It has been observed that most of the yoga injuries develop slowly and gradually. And the main reason are poor yoga forms and overdoing the asanas. It is important that one learns and practices the Yoga poses correctly. Also there is a limit for everything so listen to your body, when it says stop, Stop it.


Yoga,Exercise,Yoga Can Harm You,Disadvantage of Yoga

2. Weak Core

It is very important to maintain core throughout the Yoga posture, so always make sure to engage your core muscles. Maintain core muscles will help you prevent your spine from moving in ways. Always ensure your core muscles are strong, if not it can cause you back injuries.


Yoga,Exercise,Yoga Can Harm You,Disadvantage of Yoga

3. Every Asana Is Unique & So Is Every Individual

Always understand that each and every asana is unique and suitable to a set of people. Your set of asana will totally depend on your age and body type.


Yoga,Exercise,Yoga Can Harm You,Disadvantage of Yoga

4. Practice To Get Perfect

Understand that if you want to be perfect you need to practice. You can’t become an expert in one go. Moreover, certain asanas should be performed only when an individual’s body is ready for it, it included asanas like turning and twisting, forward bending and extreme of backward bending.


Yoga,Exercise,Yoga Can Harm You,Disadvantage of Yoga


5. Got Back Problem? Be Careful

Be careful if you have a history of any type of back problems. Always make sure your lower back is stable enough to perform any yoga poses.


Yoga,Exercise,Yoga Can Harm You,Disadvantage of Yoga

6. Follow Your Yoga Instructor

One of the most important thing in yoga is to warm up and then cool down systematically. As one of prone to injuries while performing any form of exercise, it is important that one follows all the guidelines of the instructor. If you do not understand anything immediately communicate with the instructor. The instructor is the best person to know what might benefit and what will not.

Yoga, can work wonders when done correctly. It is one of the best form of workout. As each individual is different, one needs to understand that each form of exercise will react differently too. Always make it a point to evaluate your body and also the strength of your back muscles before doing yoga. Above all, listen to your body as it will indicate you clearly if something isn’t right.

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