Worrying Rise in Caesarean Section Deliveries – Any Ulterior Motive at Work?

  • The latest NSO (National Statistical Office) survey on the state of India’s health states that the percentage of women delivering babies through C-section has crossed 28% rising alarm bells not only on the health of the womenfolk but also long term concerns for the newborn with potential to develop complications at later years. Disturbing trend witnessed in the crucial health sector rightfully deserves serious considerations and rethink in formulating adequate measures to arrest the fallout.

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  • The Caesarean section delivery is typically performed when complications from pregnancy make traditional vaginal birth difficult or place the mother or child at risk. Sometimes, caesarean deliveries are planned early in the pregnancy, but they’re most often performed when complications arise during labor. As can be understood, the C-section is preferred mostly when a medical practitioner in his/her professional wisdom realizes the risk factor involved during labor.
  • However, a caesarean delivery is becoming more commonly followed mode though the procedure is still regarded as major surgery carrying risks to both mother and child. It is to be noted that C-section has been a lifesaver for countless women and children for quite some time now. Also, note that natural childbirth remains the preferred method for the lowest risk of complications that the process inherently possesses facilitating healthier living for the newly born babies in the later years of growth.

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  • The widely held view suggests and corroborates the reports that there is a rise in the odds of postpartum mothers getting afflicted with depression and serious difficulties with subsequent pregnancies. Keeping this in mind, extreme caution and prudence require to be exercised by the medical fraternity whilst handling pregnant women. Notice that the couple in our country would normally not settle for one progeny and might wish to add at least one more member to the family.
  • ·As such, it is advisable to not push ahead with C-section as a matter of routine rather the procedure should be adopted as a last resort after exhausting all available means for normal delivery. Unfortunately, what is being witnessed is a dangerous situation and as per the reports, only 17 % of women are delivering via C-section in government hospitals, whereas 55 % in private hospitals are adopting the procedure. As can be comprehended, something very seriously amiss here.

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  • There may be a situation wherein patients and families push the doctors to resort to such interventions, but the medical practitioners should resist efforts by timely guidance and counseling to see benefits of normal delivery. Make no mistake, normal delivery should be the norm and not become an exception as things stand unraveling of late.

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