Why Does It Feel Like Winter Even During the Summer Months in Bengaluru?

  • Millions of citizens calling Bengaluru their homes would not even consider questioning the subject matter but would rather vociferously and passionately join the chorus in appreciating the year-round salubrious weather prevalent in the city. Irrespective of who they are, right from the older generation to the not-so-old generation to the present lot, none would dispute how the city of Bengaluru is always blessed with pleasant weather throughout the year.  Yes, some may voice concerns about the rising heat during a couple of weeks of the summer months.  Now, if some of you choose to crib about the mercury touching a maximum of 35 degrees Celsius during April and May, it only accentuates your poor understanding of the topography of the country.

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  • Ask the north Indians about the summer months which extend from the middle of March to July which can be quite an exasperating experience leaving them energy sapped. Even when the southwest monsoon arrives, there is no respite from the heat as the extremely humid conditions prevalent during the rains will only worsen the situation to almost unbearable levels.  Ask how people inhabiting dry regions of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh would be bracing up for the summer months by keeping their fingers crossed.  Of course, the post-monsoon months invariably paves way for the winter season which is the best period for citizens wishing to visit tourist destinations.  No wonder, millions of Indians from the north and west regions have made Bengaluru their homes allowing them to get away from the extreme climates.
  • Certain unique weather peculiarities of Bengaluru are not lost on those fully invested in comprehending how it usually pans out over a period. If for instance, the heat during the day feels too sultry and uncomfortable, most often than not it is a sure shot sign of rains pounding the city during the evenings.  Again, millions of us in the city would have often experienced this phenomenon of pouring rains bringing instant relief from the heat.  Indeed, Bengaluru’s unique feature ensures most of the evenings and nights are nothing but pleasant.  The majority of the citizens would make do with a ceiling or wall-mounted fans even during the supposedly hot summer months.  No, you may not require an air conditioner to keep the heat at bay.

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  • Yet another common feature of the summer months in Bengaluru is the pre-monsoon showers, in the form of hailstorms, witnessed before the onset of monsoon. Added to the bountiful blessings of mother nature are the naturally forming depressions, cyclones, and some such weather patterns pounding the neighboring states that bring in showers here too.  Thus, Bengaluru people have no reasons to complain about the kind of weather spectacle despite being in the midst of the summer months.  No wonder, when the monsoon actually strikes the city, the temperature drastically plummets forcing people to get their quilts, comforters, and warm bedsheets out reminiscent of the winter months.  Can anybody complain about Bengaluru weather then?  No way let’s count our blessings.