Who Will Dispute the Axiom Health is Wealth? None, I Guess!

  • The above caption is so ubiquitously mentioned that the same has seamlessly become part of our daily existence cannot be disputed. Especially in the present times where the pandemic-related challenges vis-à-vis sustaining robust health is posing severe questions to the entire humanity, people are leaving no stone unturned in ensuring they stay healthy by guarding against the menace of the virulent virus. The damaging trail left behind by the Covid virus does not deserve to be reiterated but will suffice to say that getting out of the debilitating effects unscathed will take considerable effort for sure. Therefore, the yeomen services extended by the medical and paramedical fraternity during these difficult times are worth remembering in glowing terms though.

PC: Life safety

  • Many experienced doctors who have succumbed to the dreaded virus whilst serving the infected people are well documented across the globe. Risking their own lives, sacrificing family ties, foregoing leisure and luxury, delaying self-gratification for the larger cause, and without availing the indulgence of a lazy breather defines each level of medical fraternity for rendering immeasurable services striving to keep the nation healthy. The greatly indebted nation can never be able to give match those health warriors in cash or kind for the humongous sacrifices and services rendered selflessly over the period. However, the nation can always show gratitude and indebtedness whenever an opportunity presents whilst acknowledging those contributions.
  • One such day is 01st July which is observed as National Doctor’s Day in India to mark the birth and honor the contributions of renowned physician and former West Bengal Chief Minister Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. Of course, the pandemic has amply demonstrated how critical every single doctor is in not only saving the lives of the individual but also ensuring the health of the country itself remains largely strong. The Indian citizens will not mind one bit in wholeheartedly extending heartfelt gratefulness and pray for the long lives of the doctor’s community. The war against the unknown virus and other prevalent illnesses demands that the medical fraternity keep themselves safe and healthy as well. Not for nothing doctors are anointed as next to God, no less.

PC: Etemaaddaily

  • On this remarkable day, we, the responsible citizens, should take a vow not to berate, attack, or belittle the contributions of doctors and paramedical staff when their near or dear one passes away despite efforts to save a life. Such incidents are on the rise and what better occasion than Doctor’s Day to pay tribute to them by vowing to exercise restraint and better understanding. Note that the challenging situations faced by the doctors and paramedical community is unique and they endeavor to provide as much succor and relief as is humanly possible. Uncontrollable and beyond the realm possibilities are restrictions that cannot be breached even by qualified doctors. Note that none of the doctors would even think of losing lives which they are sworn to protect. Better empathy would be of great help here. A big salute to the saviours!

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