Where Would Bihar and Byelection Drubbing Leave the Gop!

  • The whole country was agog with anticipation as to what would the Bihar elections throw vis-à-vis blessings from the electorate who are always expected to vote by keeping in mind the potential fulfillment of aspirations. Coming close on the heels of the pandemic created havoc leaving unimaginable destruction, especially in the humongous migrant workers community so typically associated with a poor state like Bihar widely expected to essay crucial factor in choosing the new government.Strategies devised by the opposition parties largely centered around cornering the ruling dispensation on the supposed failure to mitigate the hardships faced by the countrymen.
  • The pandemic induced economic distress like loss of employment, lack of job opportunities, rising costs of living, a general feeling of despondency, and uncertain future was expected to be highlighted in great measure. The opposition parties were licking in anticipation of cornering the ruling dispensation for less than satisfactory deliverance of measures to alleviate the difficulties of millions of people in leading dignified existence.  The Union Government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi was pilloried extensively by the opposition parties for alleged mishandling of the pandemic induced challenges.

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  • However, people cannot be either swayed by the forceful narrative lacking conviction or hoodwinked easily anymore with anachronistically unconvincing mudslinging efforts in this age of information-driven digital explosion. Yes, no denying that majority of people were distressed and continue to experience challenges even now.  However, efforts initiated at smoothening the crippling lockdown aftereffects too were no less effective as the Union Government introduced measures like free ration, direct bank transfer, and most clinching of the lot, tap water to rural households benefiting the womenfolk/poverty ridden populace.
  • These deciding factors eluded the opposition ranks as the Congress, led by the scion, continued unfounded tirade and vitriolic attacks on the Prime Minister ridiculing every other initiative solely intending to embarrass him. Right from Rafale fighters, lockdowns, Article 370, CAA, economic downturn, and Chinese incursion were bandied about incessantly by the scion without realizing that the people of the country are not inclined to accept the narrative at face value.  Unlike earlier times, easy accessibility of information on all issues concerning them ensures people are kept abreast of happenings/occurrences.  They cannot be swayed away by mere rhetoric any longer.

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  • The results of Bihar elections that saw Congress fare extremely badly as also the poor showing in by-elections of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Manipur, and Karnataka as against the BJP’s spectacular display surely raises a serious question mark on the leadership vacuum seen in the Grand Old Party. Other than revisiting its backfiring core ideology and gearing up in the future to effectively take on the perpetually chugging ahead BJP, there is nothing the party can do to reinvent itself.  The party rank and cadre are disillusioned as the narrative does not cut ice with the people who matter, the voters.
  • It is amply clear that the BJP juggernaut is on a roll as the PM sustains immense popularity across the length and breadth of the country amongst all sections of the society. The top leadership of the BJP is messianic in its zeal to conquer unchartered territories led by the indefatigable PM. To pose a credible challenge to the BJP, Congress must quickly reinvent itself by moving on from the fixation with the Gandhi family sooner than later.  Any further hanging onto unrealistic expectations would render the GOP staring at the abyss.

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