Vaccine Diplomacy or is It Vexing Diplomacy! You Decide It!

  • People fed on the daily diet of opposing for the sake of opposing is not a new phenomenon at all. There is any number of consummate voices of the opposition who cannot but indulge in raising aspersions, casting doubts, conspiracy theorists searching for dubious occurrences, or smelling rats where none exists, attempting to see a storm in a teacup, and doubting Thomases who see nothing but damaging aspects. Yes, countless people just cannot rest peacefully without finding negativity or fault line in most of the issues having significant importance. Calling their bluff will result in vitriolic attacks of monumental proportions.

PC: Joe Schwarcz

  • To balance the unyielding pessimism, people exposed to fair information and blessed with abilities to comprehend any matter in the right perspective without falling to the trap of getting swayed or influenced by the narrative on display would see through the game. Therefore, keen followers of the political developments in the country would be well aware of the machinations adopted by the political fraternity on every single issue occurring in the country. Be it diplomacy, policy, economy, welfare, reforms, or for that matter, any strategic shift envisaged is always met with resistance questioning the move at every step.
  • Irrespective of party affiliations, the above phenomenon plays out unhindered with nary concern for the general public or national well-being. The duplicity of the political class needs no further elaboration as the parameters differ suiting conveniently whether in the opposition or the saddle as a ruling dispensation. You see, the role-play essayed by the ruling and the opposition parties changes dramatically depending on the situation. Right from being subtle, to drastic, to chameleonic transformation, and vehement opposition to a given topic overnight altering into a passionate upholder is par for the course moves by the political class.

PC:  Campus Journo

  • There is no surprising element anymore as today’s pariah issue might become an inalienable subject for the political party in no time. We have seen all this and more. The same narrative is at play over the Union Government’s move to export vaccines to no less than 90 countries as part of the vaccine diplomacy. Call it a naïve move or complacent move or sheer lack of foresight in gauging the ominous signs of second covid wave lurking around, the Union Government’s move to export millions of vaccine vials has certainly got the goat of the opposition. The shortage of vaccines for the countrymen is the reason.
  • Believe me, the Union Government’s move as a gesture of goodwill to extend support to our immediate neighbors and poor countries cannot be faulted as the measure would not only broaden our traction within the global communities but also would help position us favorably in the pecking order. As a vaccine exporting nation, New Delhi was expected to provide all possible assistance during these dire times. Unfortunately, with the confirmed infection rates in the country raising alarmingly owing to the second covid wave, the opposition is baying for the blood questioning the rationality of exporting the vaccine at the cost of the local populace. Thus, vaccine diplomacy has become a vexing diplomacy move fraught with allegations.