Things You Need To Know About Dating Someone From Texas


Texas has one of the most diverse populations in the state. This unique blend of people, coupled with Texas’ varied geographical regions, has resulted in a number of festivals that are just as diverse as the people who call Texas home.  and here are the things you need to know if you’re dating someone from texas,

1. Where Have All The Cowboys Gone? You’ll Find Them In Texas

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No, not everyone in Texas is a cowboy. But there are still plenty of them, which means you won’t have to look very far to find your very own Marlboro Man. Minus the Marlboros. Ew.

2. Same Goes For Cowgirls

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Cowboys don’t have a monopoly on Texas. They’ve got plenty of cowgirls, too. You’ll never have to worry about them asking you to catch spiders or hang pictures, either.

3. Your Girlfriend Will Love Football As Much As You Do…

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From Friday night lights to the NFL, football is huge in Texas. And not just with the guys, either. The girls take it just as seriously, sometimes even more.


4. You Can’t Spell Romance Without R-O-D-E-O

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Okay, you see where I’m going with that, let’s not get picky. But the rodeo is the best date you’ll ever go on, period.

5. Your Girlfriend Won’t Be Afraid To Eat

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Have you ever gone on a date where the girl picks at lettuce all night? Annoying, right? That’s not a problem with a Texas girl.

6. You Won’t Have To Look Hard To Find Some Alone Time

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In case you didn’t get the memo, Texas is massive. A lot of it remains untouched, undeveloped, and makes for the perfect backdrop for getting away together.

7. Every Day Together Will Be An Adventure

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This is Texas. It’s go big or go home. Texans always choose big, so prepare yourself for a whole lot of fun.


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