The World is Desperate to See the End of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict!

  • The ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict is dragging on aimlessly despite efforts from the global leadership entities and forums attempting to restrain the matter from going beyond redemption. The challenges posed by the conflict in the form of severe disruption to global supply chains are well documented. None of the countries can claim that they were immune from the heat generated by the ongoing conflict. The conflict also forcefully altered the geopolitical and geostrategies of several countries, including India. As you are aware, the Indian armed forces inventory is majorly made up of Russian supplies and is heavily dependent on Moscow for spares and services. No way India would have supported the global war cry against Russia.

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  • Hence, the Indian current stand on not openly denouncing Moscow’s aggression but conveying a subtle viewpoint about the futility of the war and urging the parties to come to the table for peaceful discussions.However, raids into Russia using US weapons, even if by Ukraine’s proxies, aren’t in the world’s and Ukraine’s interests. Raids by pro-Ukraine Russian militias into Russia’s Belgorod region earlier this week are not a small event in a war that’s dragging – it’s a potentially dangerous turn. Kyiv’s denial of any involvement isn’t answering questions on the use of American military hardware by Russian dissident raiders. Remember, the US and other NATO members gave Ukraine weapons with the condition that they won’t be used inside Russian territory.
  • As reported, If the raids used those weapons, three major issues would arise for both Kyiv and the rest of the world. First, these raids may help Russian propaganda that NATO is directly involved and that Ukraine is a pawn. Second, deploying militias in Russia makes it more likely that the war will escalate, terrible news for the world indeed. Kyiv has every right to defend its internationally recognized territory. But by taking the war into Russian territory through proxies, not only does Ukraine lose the moral high ground it also pushes Putin into a corner. A nuclear-armed and cornered Putin is on no one’s wish list for sure, and for all the admiration Zelenskiy draws, the world won’t thank him for that. A more nuanced and pragmatic approach will help.

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  • Third, what will raids such as these do to Ukraine’s diplomatic outreach? Note that Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba is on an African tour this week to garner support for Kyiv’s Peace Formula, knowing full well that much of the Global South has taken a neutral position on the war. If Kyiv is to counter Moscow’s influence in the developing world and make its case, it can’t be seen to be the cause of more economic misery for them through a dramatic expansion of the conflict. Raiding Russia is not in Ukraine’s interest nor is it in anyone else’s. Here, Indian leadership – especially Prime Minister Narendra Modi –must use his good offices to bring some sense into the two warring leaders to end the conflict in the larger interest of the global community.

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