The Police Force Should be Manned By Equal If Not More Number of Policewomen!

  • The stereotypical portrayal of women being less physically stronger than men continues to prevail even now despite humankind itself having progressed beyond imagination. We all know how modernity defined present-day happenings around the world on the back of innovations, inventions, developments, technological advancements, and unprecedented opportunities available to both genders are infinitesimal. No wonder calls for extending gender parity, equality, unbiased treatment, and even opportunities are being bandied about by every individual worth his/her salt.

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  • Of course, women have time and again proved their worth in literally every walk of life to the world that they are second to none in executing challenging tasks. Many spectacular achievements by women speak for themselves. However, the still patriarchal and misogynistic mindset of the society refuses to concede equal space to women despite the latter proving their mettle more than adequately utilizing opportunities coming their way. Thus, the everyday fight to stay relevant and counted amongst the all-pervading male jingoism continues for womenfolk. As women break one ceiling/barrier after another hitherto considered male reserve for ages, there are specific areas in society still that do not accord deserving respects to women by acknowledging their taboo-defying contributions.
  • One such myth-shattering incident was played out in the recent cyclone-induced deluge witnessed in the state of Tamil Nadu. As they say, a picture or a video can indeed speak a thousand words was further emphasized when visuals of Tamil Nadu police inspector E Rajeshwari nonchalantly lifting an unconscious man onto her shoulders and then carrying him to a vehicle for transfer to a hospital went viral. Unfortunately, the man passed away later. However, what caught the attention of discerning people is how the lady inspector went about her job. In doing so, the lady inspector shattered the stereotype of women as the weaker sex.

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  • In watching with amazement and awe the way a 53-year-old cop matter-of-factly went about her work, we are all must be reminded of the wastefulness of women’s under-representation in India’s police forces. This only goes to prove that there is clear and convincing evidence on women’s importance in improving policing. Something that would benefit us all. In a recent Mann Ki Baat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted the importance of women security personnel in instilling a sense of confidence among the people, and also noted that between 2014 to 2020, years he has been in office, the number of women in police grew from 1,05 lakh to 2.15 lakh.
  • Sadly, at around 10% this figure is still woefully short of the 33% target set in 2009. Welcomingly, at the IPS level, women comprised 20% of the recruitment in 2020, nudging up by two percentage points compared to 2014. These meager numbers amply demonstrate that policewomen are still battling the mindset that considers them second-class at real policing work. Every state must set and meet clear targets for recruitment year-on-year for women’s presence to make the optimal institutional difference. Till such time, many more Rajeshwari’s will keep showcasing their impactful presence at any given opportunities and situation.

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