Second Dose Vaccine Hesitancy Amongst Overdue People is Incomprehensible!

  • There is a certain phenomenon that is so typical to the Indian citizens who tend to oscillate between two extreme ends more often than not. Extreme reactions define our people in the way they are found conducting themselves on matters of relevance as well as irrelevant. Needless to mention, we are passionately demanding people who would not settle for anything less than wholesome acceptance when it comes to religion, cricket, cinema, Pakistan, and anything remotely related to nationalism. As fervent seekers, we tend to go overboard initially in a euphoric fashion where the enthusiasm peaks to heightened levels.

PC: Rafia Anwar

  • In the same vein, we are equally adept at losing interest in any matter(s) in double-quick time as well. Take for instance the tremendous amount of noise generated over the non-availability of anti-virus vaccination to effectively thwart Covid from creating further havoc before the devastating second wave struck us. Adding to the fire was the bulk of the opposition political parties relentlessly questioning the Union Government for not doing enough in ensuring an adequate supply of vaccine doses to cover the humongous population. We all know the way opposition political parties went hammer and tongs against the ruling dispensation accusing it of murdering thousands of people for failing to provision vaccines.
  • The accusations and invectives thrown around were nothing short of colorfully disdainful demonstration. As the production of vaccines improved, supply-side concerns were eventually addressed much to the satisfaction of all concerned. As mentioned above, our fellow countrymen are unique in the way they perceive things whether good, bad, or ugly. When the vaccine was hardly available, millions of eligible adults were clamoring to receive the jab without worrying about the raging pandemic wave at its very peak. No sooner did the vaccine supplies improve considerably, not only did millions of people suddenly develop a cold foot but also were found to be apprehensive, scared, and unwilling to receive the doses despite medical authorities dispelling unscientific doubts pervading everywhere.

PC: Barkha Mathur

  • Since then, the vaccine coverage in the country has improved dramatically by administering more than 115 crores of doses at the last count. As per the reports, more than 87% of eligible adults have received at least one dose till now. As highlighted by the Union Health Ministry, there are more than 12 crore adults who are long overdue for the second dose and the numbers are growing by the day. Such a scenario is not welcoming at all as the only way to keep the severity of the infection down is to fully inoculate the eligible adults within the medically mandated period. Even though the confirmed infection rates are steadily on the decline, some of the European countries in the grip of the fresh Covid wave should ring alarming bells here too. There is no way we can relax as yet as fear of the virus lurking around the corner still exists. As such, the people must join hands with the government willingly by coming forward to receive the jabs, wherever due.

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Krishna MV
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